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I'm trying to get not one but TWO zines cranked out for Chicago Zine Fest and I'm about halfway on the one and maybe a quarter on the other. It's really difficult, I haven't written much (maybe 5 pages in the last week and a half) and all my layouts/lettering/ideas/illustrations are just turning out crappy. I decided last night I'm going to regroup and redouble my efforts into making the one zine as awesome as possible and leaving the other one behind for right now. I'm just not really in the place to be working on the second one and it was sort of dumb of me to try and shoehorn it in between the other one. I'm really a one-project person.

Mostly I've just been having a case of the midwinter blahs. It feels like Michigan winter is going to last forever. We get glimpses of spring, sometimes, on days I'm stuck at work during all daylight hours, and then on the days I take off for shows or to actually get things done it's cold and sleeting sideways and nasty and grey. And since Borders folded, there aren't really any bookstores in the area for me to take refuge in. What I wouldn't give for the Woodward Avenue Borders with its big windows and fabulous baristas...my favorite baristas moved to Biggby (ew no) and the independent place in RO when they closed, but it seems like I never catch them on their shift anymore. I haven't seen My Favorite Barista Of All Time in forever, either. He works at the independent place and he always asks me an Alkaline Trio trivia question before he'll take my order. Solid dude.

I'm just worried that none of my stuff is going to be good enough for CZF. I'm worried I'll be tagged as the kid that did that gender zine for the rest of my life. I'm worried about the zine I just punted to the backseat--it's a pet project I've been nurturing for YEARS now and I want it to be the best thing in the universe to properly honor the subject, but it's just sort of weird and messy and incoherent because I have too many feelings on the topic. I'm worried I won't get the covers screenprinted in time. I'm worried I'll drop dead or get hit by a bus next week and all these projects will go unwritten. I really need an editor/agent type person and a Xanax.



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