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When I first starting reading and making zines (A whole nine months ago) it was a super secret. I gave my mom a heads up so she wouldn't put throw out mail that was addressed to Inertia and shared the ones I made with a totally cool librarian but that was it. No in my life one except the totally cool librarian (And I guess her boyfriend) ever read my zines. I don't know why I felt such a need to keep it a secret.


But I did. When I would collect crap to use as backgrounds or something for my zine and people questioned me I told them it was for a scrapbook. Slowly I told a few people  and let my closest friend read it.


Then in the past week I let it slip that I make zines during stage crew. I had already been reading zines during breaks, they knew what they were.Everyone was really interested, but respectful. No one demanded to read it. This Saturday I planned on eating lunch alone so I brought Evil Flower #4 in my bag to scan for mistakes. A girl who ended up eating with me asked if she could look at the zines in my bag and wanted to know if one of them was mine.


She didn't even ask to read it really, but I told her she could if she wanted to. I needed someone to tell me if the copy was too light and the text was readable. And I realized that I wasn't scared of her knowing anything in there.


This is my long way of saying that in nine months my zines went from a mega secret to common knowledge. I'm kind of happy about it.



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Comment by kit feral on April 12, 2011 at 4:43pm

:)  that's really nice to hear.  I don't really talk about my zine making, though I haven't really thought about it much... one time a guy at work commented on a zine I was reading, asking, "do you make those little booklet things?" and I said "sometimes" which was kind of silly, since I do all the time.  It's weird how we hide parts of ourselves like that.  anyway, this was really kind of heartwarming to read!

p.s.  so sorry I never replied to your last letter, I've been busy and crazy and all over the place.  I've been thinking about you and meaning to write you when I have a bit more time.  so I haven't forgotten and I'd love to trade again sometime when I have a new issue out!

Comment by Rochelle M. on April 12, 2011 at 1:11pm

I know this is going to sound weird, coming from a complete stranger, but I'm glad for you! Zines are meant to be shared. Only a few of my friends know I am writing a zine, but the ones who do make sure to give me valuable feedback on it. Good luck and have a nice day.

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