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1983 I was still trying to draw comics.I wanted to put out a preppy comic about teenagers-like an Archie comic for punk rockers.I was having a hard time finding space to draw in.It was too hard in the city.I was like,crashing on rooftops and shit.Chris was trying to get into a decent squat,but most of the squats wanted people that were really commited.We were just drunk.I started doing an action comic,BADMAN,and trying to print that up,but I didnt have any money.If I drew political shit,I could get political cats to print it up.Still,I continued drawing,printing up a couple pages here and there,handing them out.Me and Chris got a job in Williamsburg,which was just,like Hasidics and Puerto Ricans then.We crashed over there in this building we were installing air conditioners in.I split after awhile.The Lower East Side was getting played out.A bunch of junkies and whores.Fuck that shit.CB's was taken over by all these wannabe skinhead motherfuckers,making fun of me for being an artist all the time and shit.I hitched upstate,and helped my friend Atom 13 put out his magazine.It was getting pretty good,with a bunch of contributors.Protester cats was sending us all this art.People were mobilizing to stop the war in El Salvador,and to stop[ Ronald Reagan,so they had alot to say.I just drew alot and ate all thier acid.My devotion to the political causes was constantly being questioned,since it was obvious I didnt give a fuck about any of the shit they were talking about,and really was just trying to draw and get wasted and get laid,since I was 18 and hated Crass.So I just went back and forth,all over the city and upstate or anywhere else,drawing and trying to sell art and get the stupid teenager comic finished while simultaneously getting laid and fighting with hippies and cops.I hated cops,who were always trying to bust me for doing graffiti and drinking,since the drinking age was going to change to 18 soon.I made it through the summer and finished the first issue of Tom Teenager comics.I printed a bunch up and gave them out.Then I went up to Vermont again to pick apples.The city was blowing up,and all the junkies were getting busted.Mayor Koch had started Operation Pressurepoint,and pigs had big circular saws and were storming squats,chasing out the dealers.I was glad I turned down all that hey-ron!So I split,getting a 15 dollar bus ticket from Penn Station to Boston,and from there hitching to Vermont.At the end of the season,I got a ticket back to California.The squats were easier and it was warmer,plus they had better slop kitchens.I ran out of money immediately,so I was back on the street,with no hope for printing up my zine.Luckily,that was about the time I met scrub,who helped me print shit up at the copy shop he worked at!There were too many pigs in San Frisco,so I was over in Berkeley,selling blood on University Ave..Plus he put some of my art in his zine.It was a sucky year.

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