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I remember Leah from way the fuck back.She was the coolest girl I had ever met at the time.Our parent's were dating,and they stuck us kid's together because we was both 13 year old misfit's.We hit it off,and hung out together some that fall.Her dad,who she hates,had a house down by the lake.Me and her discovered David Bowie's Diamond Dog's together.We played the fuck out of it,listening to Rebel Rebel 400 thousand million times.She was definitely more sophisticated than me,and I was impressed with her.She turned me on to the Ramones and Patti Smith,and we walked around goofing off in the trail's.She liked my art,and she also did writing which was really good,I thought.Later on,after our parent's were out of the picture,I'd run into her hanging out.We'd talk and laugh and trade gossip,but she was usually busy with somebody cooler.Plus,by this time,I was a violent hoodlum into destruction and thievery,and I got the impression she was politically more mature,and smart enough to shy away from my negative self,who was obviously going nowhere fast.Our love of artistic punk rock,though,was alway's understood as a common thread.She also ran with some of the same brokester crowd I did-in fact,this dude she was with for awhile adopted Target,the dog with a big target marking on his side.I didn't really know what happened to her for awhile,I think she was at college for awhile and know she was doing alot of writing and stuff.I saw her once when I was visiting upstate,and we made fun of people from upstate who tried to act tough."Yeah,I'm from the bad part of upstate-I'm in a gang.Well,actually,there was only one gang,so we split into two gang's so we'd have somebody to fight.",she joked with me.She gave me a copy of her zine,Violation Fez,which was great.In it,she described herself as a Cat Butler,which I thought was great,since I personally like cat's alot more than I like people.Later on I had this cheesy girlfriend who alway's bought Punk Planet,which I read even though I hated it.Lo and behold,there was Leah's writing in there!I couldn't believe she had made it to the point where she was writing for such a stuck up,high falutin' type periodical.It ruled to see her writing in every issue-she was a real writer,not somebody faking it,or pandering to thier audience.She reminded me of Legs McNeil sometimes,but didn't need to fall back on her old school pedigree like some kind of loser,like me.I wish she lived long enough to see me get straight,we might have hung out more.I really love her work,and I guess she has a play called Bleach that people still put on sometimes.If her ghost is reading this,I hope she know's how much I appreciated her having fun with me,playing rock and roll record's all night at the lake,and how much I miss having her around to run into.

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