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Late night/early morning inspiration

I used to stay up late, tapping away at my computer keyboard or reading a book when I should of turned the lights out hours ago.

Getting older I try to get to bed at a reasonable hour, especially if I am working the next morning. While I could stay up as late as I wanted to (being an adult does have its advantages) I find I have lost my night owl tendancies.


However when I am inspired, that is a whole other story. There have been instances where an idea has struck me and not wanting to lose it I have gotten out of bed to write. Then going back to bed realising that I still had so much more to write so staying awake even longer.


It is currently after 2am and I have been grabbed by the need to write. Part of it is wanting to continue with the piece I was working on while taking the bus back to the city this evening. I also have some more bits I want to work on for On A Sugar High issue two and maybe later today I'll sort my desk out so I can hook up the printer to print some of the things I have been writing and play around with layout.


I have been reading through a pile of zines in my collection (and I swear that my collection seems smaller. Perhaps I left some of them in Greymouth by mistake. Damn) and been talking to people about zines lately. And as cheesy as it may sound it makes me feel very inspired. Like I want to kick this issue two out of all these drafts from various notebooks and notes written on scraps of paper at work. Like I want to actually show this issue to other people and trade for other zines. And it is a great feeling and the kick in the ass I need to actually do this thing.

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Comment by Kirsty Win on July 8, 2011 at 4:35am

Sorry I didn't reply to your comment earlier Kari. Will let you know when I have the issue done, doing a 24 hour zine this weekend too so can send that to you as well with my new issue when we trade. 

Will be my first zine trade actually.


Comment by Kari Tervo on June 16, 2011 at 8:37pm

I'm the same way.  I haven't lost my night owl habits, but I tend to do a lot of creative work at night too. There's something about the stillness that allows the chaos of creativity to settle into something more structured.

When you're done with your new issue, hit me up, we'll trade! :)


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