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i do zines because i wouldnt do no major publisher type shit.fuck that.they'd say like i couldnt put no sex or some shit in there.or that it was racist,or something.i have to be free to draw cool-i couldnt do some stupid computer style shit.i gotta be more like homemade.i do zines.i do zines cuz everybody else started doing something better.i do zines because i'm not smart enough to do a real book.i do zines because i cant get my shit together.i do zines because i didnt pay attention in school.i do zines cuz it's a good alternative to jail.i do zines because it keeps me from doing too much dope at night when i cant fucking sleep thinking about stupid motherfuckers and the fucked up decisions they made.i do zines cuz i dont have a high school diploma so i cant get an office job.i do zines because people suck,and they need to pay.i do zines to expose lies,dis enemies,and pump up my friends bands,since they're better than the bands on the radio.i do zines because that's how john holmstrom started out.i do zines because we all might die at any second,so somebody should record this shit for posteriety.i do zines because most zines suck so bad,i know i can do better.why does anybody do zines?zine community,give it a break.oh this great zine community-yeah,look at all the health care clinics and voting drives that have proliferated.look at the amazing opportunities that have opened up for the dispossesed and downtrodden.hippies,who everyone cool hates,did miles more than any one of the self centered chumps promoting themselves as stars of the show,inherent on charging you admission to peruse thier experience and knowledge.where's the pathos?it's fake art,purely masquerade.fuckin dullsville,in laymen's terms.why do 90% of these cat's do zines?what's the motivation,and where will it really go?i do zines because i thought street scum should be able to pick up a mazagine,just like yuppies when they grab time and shit.i do zines cuz cat's who did zines gave me a zine and it was totally kill!i do zines cuz the world is fucked.i do zines because my ex girlfriends poetry sucks,but i pretended to like it.i do zines because i suck.cuff em' and stuff em'.

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