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Ok so I'm a little behind on the updates.

July 7 - I didn't make any post cards or envelopes since I wasn't sure where I'd be sending anything.

July 8 - I made a little flyer for my zine. Well, I have a draft done. I need to redraw it now a little less sloppily and then scan it. The best part of this was that it inspired me to move my zine off of my regular blog and set up a new blog for zine and writing stuff, bucketofspiders.blogspot.com. Incidentally Bucket of Spiders is the name of my Etsy shop now, too.

July 9 - This one made me nervous. I'm not fond of contacting people I don't know but I know it's nice to get an unsolicited thank you or pat on the back or whatever. A lot of times, we create in a void and don't know how people feel about our work.

Which is all well and good until my anxiety kicks in. How will they take it? will they reply? Will they think I'm a dork? etc. plus I mean, who do I pick? I know a small number of zine writers in the RPG zine scene, but outside of that, no one.

I bit the bullet though, and picked someone whose zine I only recently found out about but really love.

I chose to write Heather Wreckage, writer and artist for the awesome Dreams of Donuts.

And even better, she replied!

July 10 - I knew on day 1 I wouldn't be doing this.

July 11 - mail art! I haven't done any kind of mail art in, well, a long time. Here's what I did:

I sent this envelope to Alex Wrekk (along with  a copy of my zine), since she listed that she enjoys playing D&D on her blog's "about" page.

July 12 - Since my zine is gaming related, I really am not sure where to send it. None of the RPG zines I'm familiar with do reviews and there's no distro of any kind. Most of us have blogs, and my zine was reviewed by two zine authors on their blogs previously. The only thing I can think of is to pick one of the blogs that does reviews of gaming material and send it there.

July 13 - Zine trade. I put up a post on Google+ and on Twitter but no responses. Oh well.

I haven't really done anything since the 13th for IZM, although I have been working on the next issue of 6 Iron Spikes & a Small Hammer as well as writing another zine that's a little more personal. The former isn't planned to be finished until September or so, but the latter is something I will probably put out much sooner.

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