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I was so excited about _finally_ kicking my ass in July with the help of the IZM-challenges...and then I got ill! Precisely on the 1st of July! That's really plain torture, especially because, of course, I got ill exactly on my 4 days off. Can you believe that? Life's just not fair sometimes. But, there are always good sides to the bad events. I still completed my first two challenges, but I just wrote them in my diary and only now have the energy back to post them here. And: I followed through with the extra-credit challenge of drawing one comic a day! And that was HELL. I was so close to giving up...but i DIDN'T! And I am so proud of myself that I followed through with it! I know, 2 comic-pages are not exactly much for others, but for me it's a really good beginning. So, here we go:

1. "Sign in to WMZ and Write about IZM":
I am actually really excited about this International Zine Month, because although I'm in the middle of a huge punk-community there are only a few people who are into zines. I really love writing, poetry and storytelling, and I really love drawing blunt black&white comic-style characters. I love the idea of self-publishing, I love reading zines cause they're the voices that are cut out and rarely represented in mainstream-society. Voices of active people, folks who are alive, conscious, curious; people who want to express themselves, who ask questions, who want to be heard. And all this without having to have money or permission from a publisher or a piece of paper that officially states that you're a "trained" writer or artist. I am excited about every day's challenges, it kicks my ass to explore further and gives me a sense of celebration - something I can remember in the future! I loved the first task today to sign up to We Make Zines and write about my IZM; that's what I love about the internet - you can connect and share your passion with people all around the world! And for me who loves to write in English anyway that's perfect. I don't feel very connected to the German Zine-Scene, so exploring beyond my tiny horizon will be very inspirational. I love Zines. It's ON!

2. "Make a top 10 list of reasons why you love zines":

1. they make stories and people who have no place in mainstream society and media accessible
2. zines encourage to get creative without "artistic" pressure
3. they're easy to make and to reproduce
4. they're not limited to just words
5. you don't need anybody's approval
6. they encourage thinking outside of the box because they're often done by people who live and think outside the
7. they're affordable
8. they're independent and more interesting than any commercial magazine
9. zines inspired and encouraged me a lot to do my own writing
10. you don't need quotes or copyright!

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