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the other day i finally got off my ass and mailed out eighteen packages of zines to awaiting traders/orderers (including folks from the mini zine swap here on we make zines) as well as just some friends, all of the motor city kitty club members, and a few distros. its taken so long due to being snowed in for about two weeks in january, broke til february, then totally busy due to djing twice a week, school, two jobs and a social life. and maybe a tiny bit of procrastination. i'd gotten some nasty emails from a girl who had sent me $3 for my zines awhile back and i hadn't gotten them to her yet. this made me feel like an asshole, straight up. i hope she isn't still mad cuz i sent her the ordered zines, an extra zine, and refunded the $3. and it cost nearly $3 just to mail the package because she lives in portugal.

i don't know why i can't just send things out on time. i'm trying to get my zines accepted by a few distros and if they are, i'm going to have them sold exclusively that way. maybe a few trades with already established zine penpals and finishing out any mck club memberships (which will be done with the next issue for all of them, i believe.)

since i started making zines nine years ago, spring break has always been the point where i get off my ass and get back into zines after a few months of winter depression. today is the last day of my spring break (probably my last one since i will hopefully be graduating in december) and for the first time in nine years i haven't worked on a zine during it. i've been meaning to each day. have written little bits here and there for the next issue. i've just been too busy, or in the case of today, slept much too late and now have other things that need done (like my take home french midterm and going to some dj sets in cleveland to dance and pass out fliers for my own weekly dj nights.)

i'm hoping to get started on the next issue of my zine sometime this week though. i'm also debating about a name change. i've been using "motor city kitty" since 2004 and feel like i'm a totally different person. my zines have evolved A LOT in those five years (!!) and i feel weird using the same name/not having any issues prior to #7 (which would have to be specially copied so really its more like...#10) available. this is the highest number of issues i've ever gone with one zine name. i don't know why its such a big deal to me. dunno what the hell i'd call my zine otherwise though.

i've written far too much that probably no one will read. hope you're all well.

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Comment by Bri Zine on April 30, 2009 at 11:19am
i know, right?! i can't believe i've been doing this zine for more than half of my entire zine career!
Comment by Brittany M. on April 29, 2009 at 11:13pm
Wow, since 2004? It doesn't seem like you've been operating under one moniker for that long!

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