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I guess I have always know of Zines existence, but wasn't ready for them yet. I would pick up some of the larger titles about music at a Newbury Comics when I was in that area, but beyond that, I was unaware of the complete awesomeness of the underground publications. By the time I was ready for Zines and their experience, I couldn't get my hands on them and didn't know where to start.


My love for mail and mail art sent me to Swap-bot.com. There I spent all of my money and time making crafts and sending strangers gifts, after too many times getting stood up (via post) and not getting back nearly the effort of what I put in, I had to take a break. My one, last swap was with a wonderful lady from across the country that was new to Swap-bot.com. So, I felt the need to give her my knowledge of the Swap-bot community and welcome her with a nice package, full of hand-made goodies, guidelines, and a long letter.


I didn't realize what I would get from her, would end up changing what I do with my time, money, and thoughts. In short, I received something that would change my life. What she sent me wasn't exactly a Zine, it was "Make Your Place" a small book about sustainable living put out by Microcosm Publishing.


I understand there is a bit of turmoil between a good percentage of Zinesters and Microcosm that I have yet to fully understand. I am in love with Microcosm at this moment. I shop at any distro that carries the types of zines that I enjoy, and I try to spread the love, but I cannot help but play favorites when Microcosm carries damn near everything. I also love the fact that I have to option to get speedy delivery, and the tracking number on each package is automatically sent to me. I check twice a day to see if my package is close to my doorstep or not. I am still waiting on a package from the closest distro I know of (about an hour drive) and I ordered it a month ago! I'm not impatient, I'm just excited.


Anyways, I digress. I am fairly new to the Zine Scene, and am constantly looking for the perfect zine. In my pursuit I have decided to make a zine myself. (Easier said than done) I am in the compiling stage and want to make this zine spectacular. I want to share some of the things that I know how to do, perhaps motivate someone to do things for themselves, get some gears turning and maybe even share a story of two along the way. I love to influence people in a positive (to them) way.


I am constantly trying to let people know that they can be who they want to be and by sticking to the confines of the boundaries built for them, they might as well be a prisoner in their own skin. By doing things to be judged and ridiculed the least, you are confining yourself to not being yourself. Perhaps, where I live and have grown up the people are a little more judgmental and aggressive than everywhere else (ah, New England such a beautiful place with so many assholes.) My local area does not seem to stray much from the accepted redneck or conservative. Well, I don't fit into either of those categories, and I know there are more like me out there. I feel like it is time to unite, and enjoy being different.


I wish I could capture the looks I get when I'm out on my Big Adventure Bike, or the stares and glares I get for dressing just a little different from everyone else. I do not fall into a category so people seem perplexed by me, and sometimes envious. (Now, I say these things and I want you to know that I am far from conceited. I just feel people do not know how to be themselves anymore and get thrown off track a little by people that are themselves in public.) I'm a walking conversation piece, and most of the time my reaction to the words said to me are not what was expected.


Most of these observations come from being a bartender as well. I work in a place where I am allowed to be myself and where I am in the position of control (of the booze) I am accepted by many unlikely people....That and when I'm behind the bar I refuse to speak on religion, politics, and sexuality, so those right wing nut jobs don't realize my views are opposite from theirs.


Ok, I hate to stop abruptly, but I realize that I have trailed on enough at this point, and this post has nothing to do with anything and I now no longer have a subject title. I write as my brain flows, and I honestly do not feel like proof reading this. If you're with me this far, thanks for reading my babble! (I promise my zine will not be this bad!)

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