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International ZIne Month 2011 - part one

So last month was jam packed with zine stuff in my city. The organisers of Auckland Zinefest and other ziney people put on a full calender of fun things. These are the things I attended.


24 Hour Zine Making Workshop

Held at Tangleball and starting at noon Saturday, going through til noon the following day (Sunday).

I got there around 11.30am and registered while my partner played some games on Tangleball's arcade machine. I had tried my hardest not to think about what to write in the lead up to the workshop but I had decided I wanted the zine to be an issue of On A Sugar High zine.

When I started working on the zine I decided on using the theme 'Memories, thoughts and too much information' though as the night wore on it became a random mishmash of things.

I had a lot of fun making backgrounds for some of the pages and decorating pages using some of the stickers I had brought along with me and cut outs from magazines/advertisements that I had saved over the years.

I ended up getting all the writing/layout done around 9am-ish Sunday morning. Then had stress of getting the photocopier to copy it onto the A5 paper I had brought along. In the end one of the other participants helped me out by taking me to her Dad's office to do my photocopying.

I made 7 copies to start with and then some more copies over the following few weeks. Sent a copy out to the 24 Hour Zine Thing and gave people copies at zinefest and other events.
Issue 1.5 of On A Sugar High is quarter sized with writing about memories/thoughts on music, zines, crying, food, working with the devil (my lovable yet evil co-worker), cats I have loved, BookCrossing, writing and a few more things. Giveaway/trades (trades will come with issue two when its out)


Auckland Zinefest

I was originally going to have a table at Auckland Zinefest so was a little disappointed when I was unable to get the day off work. However I finished work at 1.30pm that day so intended to head up straight after work.

Unfortunately there was an incident at work that upset me so ended up having to calm down before I could head up to St Kevin's Arcade for zinefest.

Once there I was able to relax and catch up with some people. Some people I knew from previous years or knew through twitter/facebook.

There were many zines I wanted to get though some zines I only just saw as I had gone through the money I had. I made a couple of trades with On A Sugar High issue 1.5. Funny story was that I brought along an electric beater to give to a comic dude from when I saw on his blog he was after some stuff for his flat. I'm not sure if that sets some kind of record for weirdest thing taken to give to someone at Auckland Zinefest.

My friend Jen who I have recently got into zines (one day we will work on a zine together, and it will be awesome) came along with me and we meet up with another friend there. My partner came by later for a look too.


Zines For The Revolution/Black Heart Cafe

There was meant to be a zine making workshop at Black Heart info shop the day after zinefest but ended up just chilling out due to not many people showing up. There was a talk later in the day: -  Mellow Yellow: behind the zines.
The writers of Mellow Yellow facilitate a discussion, and talk about the importance of sharing their stories, writing, creating zines, and connecting with other Asian feminist anti-racist activists.

One of the writers of Mellow Yellow I have known since I was a 16/17 year old getting into zines for the first time. The talk was incredibly interesting and inspiring, opening up some ideas for a zine discussion group in the future which I will be very keen on attending.

The Black Heart Cafe was in the evening so we ate some delicious food and played an interesting game where you do performances/dares as cards dictate. Then when it came to the Open Mic portion of the evening I put my name down to read a piece from my zine.

I ended up sitting on the floor to read, I figured it would hide my nervousness (I had never done a reading of my own writing before) and read my piece on writing and inspiration. I paused about halfway through and asked if I should read more (didn't want to bore anyone) and then when I had finished that piece I read the procrastination bit.

If I had of known what a buzz reading my stuff out loud would give me I would of done it earlier.

The other performances that I saw were a mix of musical, skill (chatter-ring demo put to music!) and readings of poetry, prose and other interesting things.

I gave away/swapped some more issues of my zine and talked about working on a collaborative zine project about inspiring women of television with a few other people that were there. Seems so many zine ideas and not enough time to do them all!


Part two blog of International Zine Month events coming soon.


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