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This is a preview page from the NEW zine I am working on on the subject of Insomnia!! Fun times!

I figured Id do something a little less "riske" so that I could reach broader audiances. Iv been having a string of rejections and controversy of late which is really rather frustrating as an artist. Of course, iv been wanting to do an Insomnia piece for a long time, so it isnt like Im letting the masses dictate to me what I work on.

I just recently had my "Pretty Pussy!" zine on ArtFire flagged as being "innapropriate" which i find strange since, it isnt intended to be sexual, but rather educational and informative. Its a topic which I feel is sidestepped and not talked about enough, and I remember being a teen wishing there were more resources available to me. Its purely in the name of body awareness and education, and I dont feel that that is obscene.

I also recently had some of my work taken off the walls of a local gallery, based on complaints that the gallery owner had been receiving. The charcoal drawing pictured a woman, blindfolded and bound, having her clothes torn off by a man. While I understand the sexually charged nature of the image, I find it curious that the objections where based on many womens claims to having been rape victems, and finding the image offensive in that respect, and I did not in any way intend the image to be a depiction of rape. In my mind, the woman was completly consensual, but in any case, the gallery owner has requested I submit less riske work.

And it brings to mind a while back, when I first started doing menstrual paintings, having my work taken down off of an art forum, based on admins viewing the work to be "too controversial", which is incredibly odd to me. A virtual scan of blood work isnt going to hurt anyone, even if you are worried about the sanitary aspects (which is a non issue, since those pieces are laminated). The content depicted in those particular work is not particularily shocking, whats more shocking is the medium, but I find it unfortunate that a forum dedicated to the arts would be closed minded enough to disallow non conventional and controverial mediums to be displayed, especially when, once again, all that is on display there is a virtual scan.

Its an interesting thing to note that I find more and more often that my work is rejected by "normal" people based on its being much too shocking and "out there". Should I be somewhat proud? i have to admit I somewhat am.

Iv also been questioned by members of the local church community for having a news article published about my nude modeling. I seem to have become a very different person then I ever imagined that I would, and that I find rather interesting.

In any case, Im not about to stop drawing vaginas just because some lady on ArtFire got her panties in a knot over it, but I figure it cant hurt to work on some of my other ideas that are less "in your face", because of course, those ideas are also just as valid. Its giving me a chance to draw plants in any case, which is a different exercise for me!




(Originally posted to my LJ, http://eruannatel.livejournal.com/151718.html )

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Comment by Fanie on January 9, 2011 at 3:36pm

I really love the idea behind your zine, "Pretty Pussy"! It's a reality every women will face in her life and there is absolutely nothing "innapropriate" about it. It truly seems like a wonderful zine about body awareness and education.
You are right to be shocked that ArtFire took your zine away. Your zine looks very cute and I don't find it offensive at all. If I were you, I would let people know about this and complaint. Oh, and I'd probably leave them and open a show elsewhere. But, that's just my two cents, of course. ;-)

Keep working on your great zines! We need more people like you in the zine community. :-)


Comment by Anastasia Weedsmith on January 9, 2011 at 4:55am
i thought your zine was great, content-wise and graphically; as a resource regarding women's health, self-image, and perhaps even fashion. i think that maybe the people who didnt like it are the ones who either didnt read it, or didnt understand what you were trying to accomplish.
part of me wants to say that any publicity is good publicity or that even rejection is a response, but i know that it wont make you feel any better.
not everyone is going to like what you do. even when groups have split themselves off from the mainstream and become part of the counterculture, you're going to come across elitist and still very conservative people sometimes. its weird like that, eh?
as a wise man once said, "haters gonna hate, but dont let em break your swagger".


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