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So during my daily EGL stalk I come across this. This blog post will basically be my two cents based off what I've read (on the link previously mentioned).

I am thoroughly annoyed by the Lolita community's intolerance towards originality. We spend hours reading magazines, watching interviews, obsessing over Misako and Mana's every breath, and for what? So we can all look exactly the same. So we can all spend upwards of $400 on an outfit that several other girls have exactly, down to the plastic heart-shaped ring. If someone deviates from this endless monotony of we're all different in the same way, then we attack them, repost their outfit on a hate community, and tag it ita. 

There are many Lolitas newer to the community who are bent on becoming "famous", through their coords, networking, etc. However what all of these girls (or guys) forgot is that no one who really is famous or respected in the Lolita community, got famous through being like everyone else! They put themselves out there. They, oh god, mixed brands or even dared to wear something previously thought of as ita. I don't completely follow the belief that Mana "invented" Gothic Lolita, however, he did strongly influence the style, and how do you think he did this? Well, he stepped out of the frilly box, so to speak. And now people worship Mana. Do you think that every outfit Misako Aoki has ever worn sticks within our stupid rules? No. For example, I have heard that many Lolitas are, for some reason unknown to me, very offended by ballet flats. And I recently watched a video by Tokyo Fashion (on Maison de Julietta's Laforet location) and what did Misako freakin' Aoki have on her Lolita as f*** feet? Pink glitter ballet flats. Would you crucify Misako over wearing ballet flats? No? Then why would you crucify some poor girl on daily_lolita over ballet flats? When put into perspective, it becomes apparent just how ridiculous the "rules" of Lolita are.

There is specifically a comment on the thread I linked above that horrifies me.

note-- screenshot above used purely for demonstration -- I am in no way implying this person is stupid and such use of screenshots is entirely wrong

The handbook they are referring to is the Lolita Handbook blog, a Livejournal basically laying out all the "rules" of Lolita, as well as tips on building a wardrobe, choosing a Lolita style, and other how-tos. Firstly, although the writing style of the handbook is, in my opinion, somewhat condescending (despite its numerous typos), the Lolita Handbook is not meant to be taken as a be-all end-all. It is instead supposed to be made up of guidelines open to interpretation, and tips--not literally "how to be a Lolita". Secondly, I am "horrified" by this because if you are following someone else's rules to the letter, you're not being true to yourself. You're just following a textbook. Oh sure, it's a textbook on Lolita. But that possibly makes it even stupider--would a Goth handbook be cool or even sufficient to describe the entire Gothic subculture? What about punk? The possibilities of Lolita are simply too vast to try and confine into one little blog. It means something different to everyone and everyone has (or at least should) have their own special tastes, none of which can be boxed in.

Additionally, who decided that wearing an outfit of all one brand, even all from the same collection, automatically means you have good taste? Actually, who decided this was cool in the first place? Although I'm sure some Japanese girls do it as well, this seems to be an exclusively Western Lolita phenomenon, and I can't pinpoint where it originated. You very rarely, if at all, see street snaps that feature someone wearing all one brand, and, with the exception of Mana's Moitie spread, can't even find coords in the Gothic & Lolita Bible that are made up entirely of one brand. It is unoriginal and boring, so why has this become the norm?

I have seen many critiques of Moi meme Moitie clothing referring to it as "plain", boring or even "old". Why have we decided that what makes an outfit Lolita is to have an exhaustive, all-over print swallowing your body? The key to Lolita outfits, in my opinion, should be balance. Lolita was originally supposed to be a modern interpretation of the Rococo and Victorian eras, with a bit of Alice in Wonderland flair. It was supposed to be elegant. There is nothing elegant about wearing a busy dress with printed tights and a giant cake on your head, or a busy dress and glitter tights and bat wings on your head, or whatever. Lolita has, over time, moved farther away from "elegant" and into a realm closer to "cartoonish". The name of Mana's "female" Moitie line, Elegant Gothic Lolita, was once synonymous with the style Gothic Lolita. Whether or not this was a good thing, it is not the case now--Elegant Gothic Lolita as a style is often seen as mature or dull. Current Gothic Lolita often favours the same heavy-handed use of accessories and prints as its Sweet counterpart, just preferring a darker colour scheme and a motif of crosses and bats over lollypops and rabbits.

Finally I will wrap up this essay opinion piece rant with my view on the infamous getoffegl. getoffegl is often referred to as a "negative community" and often lumped with truly awful communities such as behind-the-bows. While behind-the-bows is anonymous, arbitrary bullying (usually body-bashing, shitting on people's coords or even blowing typos out of proportion), getoffegl is more of a commentary on the rampant stupidity found within Livejournal's Lolita communities. The writers of the posts do not hide behind the comfort of a keyboard and instead use their normal accounts, and offer readable yet annoyed (albeit sometimes cuss-ridden) accounts of scamming, trolling and general Internet lameness. I believe their reputation as a "negative community" came to be through their occasional use of nicknames (for example, the most recent event of scamming came from shop One Day in Paradise, and getoffegl nicknamed the owner of ODIP "Crazy Marie"). However I have never seen one bit of utterly mindless bullying on getoffegl--they point out things that lack common sense, not outfits that lack brand. Therefore, I do not find getoffegl even comparable with behind-the-bows or other such hateful blogs, and I do not see how some Lolitas are so offended by it. Personally, I don't read it regularly, nor would I ever contribute to it, but I don't understand what all the fuss is about (especially when people disregard true bullying in order to attack something much less offensive). If you don't like it, don't read it....

Okay everyone. Now I'm done (finally). I doubt anyone will actually read this, or read this far if they do click on it, but this is mostly for my own amusement, and to practice writing.

Have a fantastic day and today is old-school Lolita celebration day (March 8th)~!


EDIT: old school EGL Polyvore set

happy old-school loli day!

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