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I'm going to write a blog on how I personally make my zine-not that other people have to do thing's my way.Alot of zines I see look great just the way they are.Sort of like the scrapbook class at Collage on Alberta Street.I'm glad I can enter a world where homelessness,racism,social causes,and poverty don't exist-zine world.A world where the right's of nose ring wearing college kid's take precedent over massacres in Darfur.I'm glad the important art,like a page of an engraving from an encyclopedia with six letter's rubber stamped over it,has found a place in the recycling bin,I mean the zine museum.But this is how I make my zine-you make yours the perfect way only great you can make it.I'll tell you how I make mine,and you can laugh at my ineptness.Anyfuck,the first thing I do to start a great zine is to get released.The whole atmosphere in Treatment was just not condusive to zine production!First off,they wouldn't let us have scissor's!Also,they'd confiscate art if it was negative,had sex pictures,etc.(although I did get really good at drawing roses,old English lettering,and portraits).So first,I get released.Then,I go through all my half finished art,and articles I haven't finished that may be pertinent to today's zine reading public.I take out articles that are meaningless-articles on sport's,ex-girlfriend letter's,court document's,fan letter's to Kie$ha,cat diary's,and the like.Then,I throw everybody out of the house so I can have some privacy.Then,I clear all the drug's out of the house-including pot,crack,molly,sass,and crystal meth.Drug's and zines just don't mix-my free paper for crack user's (The Stem) was a huge failure,and only one person bought it (a cop),and he used the information to take Big Louie down,and when he get's out,I'm dead.Then,in between kicking drug's,taking my daughter to day-care,hanging out with my girl,doing my house chore and going to probation appointment's,I set up a T.V. table in my 1 room efficiency apartment and get to work.I usually have 500 pencil's on hand,stolen office supplies,16 brushes,black India Ink,6 sketchbook's,and an airbrush on hand to help lay out pages.Alot of time I have to blow off work or deal with gunfight's or violent anarchist's in my house in order to finish my zine,which usually sell's between three and six copies,but the end product is worth it.It takes month's and alot of coffee,and everybody tell's me I'm an idiot for doing it,and they're right-but when I see my zine,and it doesn't look like shit,as opposed to,say,all the other zines,I literally come in my pant's with glee,scream at the top of my lung's,and hold people hostage for hour's.Why?Because I know next time some wierdo takes a shit,he won't choose TIME Magazine or the Tampon instruction's-he'll read a Bobby Madness Comic,by gum!And that,my facebook friend,makes it all worth it.

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