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When I started my zine Musea in 1992 the mission was clear, Support the best of Independent artists of all kind, and oppose the abuses of Corporate art. What is corporate art? It's those handful of mega-corporations - often called the Big Six - that control the majority of this country's music, film, radio, publishing, media etc.

So when someone on a newsgroup asked me, 'how do you oppose corporate art', I answered with this:

Here's my solution to ending corporate art from a handful of companies - counter with lots of companies, not just 6 or so. Here's an example, when rock and roll started there was thousands of record companies all competing to get on the radio - that made a golden age of music. Now we have 4 mega-corporations, the Big Four, that own 80% of the music business, and though music is praised more now than ever, it's also worse than ever.

Here's another example that's more current. The internet allowed not just thousands but hundred's of thousands of 'companies' or websites and blogs, to compete on content. That's where the great art is now - buried in all the competition of so many to get the attention of the net surfer. Sadly there are megacorporations trying to restrict the net too.

That's why the AACA logo, that's why Musea was started, that's why corporate art has gotten so bland and generic, and finally that's why we have to change - get great arts back!

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