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Last time I was in jail,it sucked.They bring in all the new people at 1 a.m. or so.Then you see who they are at roll call.I think there were like 148 people on my tier,Dorm 14-Felony Maximum security.Anyway's,one morning they opened all the cell's,and this one kid wouldn't come out.He just kept moaning and whining.The gaurd yelled "Get up and stand on the line!".So the kid crawled out,but he could barely stand.He had diarrhea,and green snot was coming out of his nose.He was holding his stomach,and moaning.He looked over at no one in particular,but everyone at the same time,and said,in this super pathetic voice,"What's wrong with me?"It was pretty obvious.We were like,"Your dope-sick,stupid!".He must have been one of those cat's who didn't realize how much heroin he was doing.They don't give you anything for dope-sickness in jail.They just let you ride it out.It's only like 3 day's of agony and pain.I guess they figure it's your fault,so fuck you.In the rehab or the hospital they might give you something to ride out the pain,but not in jail.They were doing some kind of drug sweep in Old Town,cleaning up the homeless drug addict's to make way for some new condo's,or because some rich person's car got stolen when they went to the charity ball.Somehow,they had ensnared this poor young hipster kid,getting his daily dose of hey-ron.He still had his guy-liner on,and his trendy haircut that made the girl's go "aww!" looked incredibly out of place in the dingy gray mustard yellow concrete jail.He had a look of genuine fear on his face,which was funny,since we were only in county holding,and your chances of actually getting in a fight are pretty slim.He laid in his cell all through lunch,dinner,and the movie-Big Momma's House 2-puking and shitting,and moaning.Finally,after 3 day's he was well enough to crawl out of his cell around 10 a.m..He went up to the meanest gaurd there,the one that hit everybody and tripped you if you said a single word to him or made any eye contact,and said,"H-hey man-I missed out on breakfast.Is there any way I can still g-get one?".We all just started laughing our ass off,and the gaurd punched him in the stomach."WHERE THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE,YOU SCUMBAG?",he screamed in his face.Man,I used to be that new guy in jail,back when I was 15,I thought.It sure is funny how the world work's sometimes.

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Comment by Kari Tervo on October 17, 2013 at 8:26pm

OMG! OMG! Please don't go back there! We need your comics! 

(this is a good bit of writing, though)

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