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So I typed my first blog post here probably months ago..and then I left it and didn't come back for a long while. When I did come back, which was today, I decided it was a shitty way to start off in accordance with who I am and decided to post another that hopefully does my person a bit more justice. Irregardless, I'm Taylor, and it's nice to meet everyone.

A few things to mention about me..that isn't and most likely will never be me in the picture. I usually post ones of places I want to be, items of interest, and people I think are cool (right now, I have a picture up of Yuu Nakashima. She's one of my favorite musicians (please keep reading to learn more.) I have some idea of who I am but I'm trying to understand myself more and more each day. I hope the things I "know" about myself simply aren't illusions. If so, I swear it's not intentional and that I'm being as honest as I believe I possibly can be without saying, "Hm, I don't know who I am..let's find out:"

Like I said, my name is Taylor. I'm 21 going on 22 on the 8th of November. I'm very into astrology - I'm a Scorpio Sheep (Chinese zodiac,) Sagittarius moon, Taurus rising and whatever else my chart tells me. According to the Myers-Briggs test which I'm also a fan of - you could basically say I'm into any form of personality psychology as long as it doesn't attempt to blast my own potentially correct theories to smithereens - I'm an INFJ or INFP but in my opinion, I'm a very confused either one of them. I have a [dis]advantage as someone who always has to understand why I, and sometimes anyone else, feels or does anything I or they feel or do. I guess, obviously, sometimes not understanding drives me crazy.

I'm dating a wonderful guy - he's a Pisces Horse born March 8th, ENTP although I'm pretty sure he is an ENFP most of time. I've seen and spoken with many thinkers. I don't think they're assholes, per say, but he seems a bit more perceptive to the affect his words and actions have on others than most of them did..still, I guess it varies and so maybe I don't know everything. He truly is great and I feel in my heart that I am in love with him but, alas, my need to understand everything most likely with logic tends to put us on the rocks a lot. I'm a future-er..I worry consistently about what might happen although I try and stop myself often because it doesn't seem to help anything..that's enough of that for now, I suppose. You've got it an a nutshell.

Few other things..I write poetry and lyrics. I love horror and indie films that make me think. I love cartoons such as Chowder, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and any other show that, in my opinion, screams creativity to me. :) Sometimes I like shows with simpler plots but hilarious dialogue like Bob's Burgers and Home Movies.

I love to sing - I'm starting a band with a friend of my boyfriend's who became a friend of mine as the lead singer and am officially learning how to play guitar. Back on the band thing, for a sec - we're starting out as a '90s cover band and may stay this way, although I'd eventually like to put music to my own lyrics. Right now wer'e simply looking to audition people for a bassist and lead guitarist position..

I love music. My favorite bands of the moment are Nirvana, Hole, Beachwood Sparks, The Plastiscines, Go!Go!7188, The Rasmus, Bikini Kill, Julie Ruin, etc. And I'm sorry..I'm really not in the best mood right now. There's a lot I may leave out for later, like my views on the government and what not because my heart's just not in it at the moment. I'm facing more confusion about things in general which is probably sucking the fun out of things. I will say that I look up to Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill - a very inspiring and dare I say naturally beautiful Scorpio lady who has prompted me to try and believe in many of my own ideas. I also love Yuu Nakashima of Go!Go!7188. They say Japan holds a very collective society. If that's true, I love her personality and stage performance because I feel she breaks what should be a nonexistent mold.

That's it about me for right now, if not for a long time, if not forever. I'm basically here because I want to find people who I can relate to and talk to and maybe build a few if not just one good friendship. I can be a bit of a hardass in the sense that I'm very stuck to my beliefs and have no tolerance for rudeness..but I try to be nice when I feel the person I'm talking to is an open-minded, kindhearted individual. I'm not entirely sure what I might find but I know doing this FEELS right..maybe that's enough.

Peace, guys.

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