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you know,heroin is really attractive(secretly)to alot of young hipsta zine skank freaks you see working the corners at zine conventions.its sad to see heroin chic drift into every aspect of every counterculture.the beourgious thing to do would be to completely ignore the problem,and pretend it doesnt exist,just like we were conditioned to do from birth.honestly though,i think alot more people use heroin than anybody likes to admit.if you figure in other opiates like oxy's and vicodin,you really are talking about a mini epidemic,fueled by the arts community.i mean,even if you took every loser,i mean amazing zinester on this website(or whatever it is),and had every drug every person (all 3746 members)did that day...you'd have a fair amount of dope.and thats zinesters-wimpy ones with no street cred(except for you-your great).and you could do that to any cross section of humanity-but its way more prevelant in counterculture.its romantisized in literature,and is a huge draw for middle class kids,seeking an instant tarantino-esque lifestyle to go with thier new band,girlfriend,stripper job,or zine.you know,if you think about all the great artists whose lives have been destroyed by heroin-i mean,when the cops kill our people all the punks are up in arms.but when the heroin dealers and eli-squibb slowly destroy the greatest artists of a generation,everybody just turns thier back on them and shrugs,like-"well,its beyond our control.lets ostracize the junkie that was our friend".shit,people oughtta be protesting those pharmacuetical companys flooding the scene with all thier kooky mind control drugs that keep evertybody sedated,instead of a bunch of self centered in-fighting.heroin is pumped up in ancient hippy lierature,like harry crews and william s burroughs.its subtly sold,and provides a magnet to dissapointed ex middle class yo-yo's with too much time on our hands.the problem can be tackled-but not with the weak attitude and spineless whining that constantly floats through the annals of conversational analysis and neo-social cyber communication.instead it lies in political awareness and abandonement of self serving promotional capabilities,and approaching a more communication orientated network of anarchist based sub groups,primarily to skirt the psychological apparatus presented by the....naw,im just fuckin witchall.stay off that hey-ron though-its always helped me out to not do the real shit!hey,my new zine is almost done,real madness 4,and its gonna rock!you got to see that shit!teenage dinosaurs putting it out,i hope.buy it from MICROCOSM!

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Comment by Buddy Hershey on May 27, 2011 at 11:30am
I liked Junky by Burroughs, I thought it was great writing. The problem with dope is that people that are on it don't put out zines, they put a lot of their energy into obtaining dope rather than being creative. The people that say that dope makes them creative don't really create that much other than a big gaping hole in their arm

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