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I've spent a fair amount of time searching on-line and not found many zines or zine distros in Germany. I found quite a few at Cafe Nixda in Mainz in 91 when I was a student there. They even had their own zine "Dichtung und Wahrheit." There're Infoladen in Frankfurt (Arbeitslosen Verband), Mannheim (Juz) and something at the Karlstorbahnhof in Heidelberg - if only I can get some time to go and check these out. For now I'm reading American zines.

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Comment by Erik Guttman on April 1, 2010 at 1:18am
Thanks very much for your tips! I will follow up on them. I'll post info about great stuff I find.
Comment by Chris on March 26, 2010 at 12:35am
I stayed in Berlin a few years ago and there were anarchist zines in Stadtmitte (excuse my spelling) I had a friend in Munich who gave out my zine which was in Turkish to a few alternative types...Germany should have cool zines ..with such great artists as Otto Dix etc
(if u want my zine I would be happy to post it to u) danke!
Comment by Yvonne G. on March 24, 2010 at 9:35pm
i've been having a similar problem, as i'm starting a distro in Portugal and can't seem to find that many zines or distros around here. it also seems like back in the 90's we had a more active zine scene in Portugal.
unfortunately i don't know German, though i would like to learn the language, so that i could look for German zines for my distro :|

well, you say you're reading USA zines, but there are a lot of good zines from the UK and some from Australia too. i would say Canada, but that's a USA neighbor, so i suppose it wouldn't make much difference to you, right? ;-)
but i think i understand what you mean, wanting to read our own countries zines, to see what local people are up too and stuff...

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