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GAIT Publishing from southwest U S A earth

hello just registered to the community

started this selfpublishing, GAIT, recently

dedicated to experimental, non/fiction, scifi, multicultural, multidimensional, multiinterdimensionality, transhumanality, anthropology and human rights, indigenous rights of the world, meta-language communicating and transcendental processes inner outer channeled down into human dimension


4 releases for DECEMBER 2010

more info, online ordering at GAIT Publishing

"The Coming of the Independent Lakota Nation"
Angela Boleyn, Bernard Peoples, Brody Weichbrodt
20 pages, 5.5x8.5" B&W 
printed on treeless sugarcane/bamboo paper
$3 donation, large quantities available for distribution

In the same spirit as "Black Elk Speaks" (albeit in a smaller scale...), a collection of writings about the history and culture of the Lakota, a Native American tribe presently existing in South Dakota; documenting clear illegal treatment by the US government for the past 150+ years and also new movements of the people to regain rightful sovereignty. Also excerpts of a much larger work on an insider's life-long interactions with the Lakota people and detailing aspects of the culture. Essential reading for the futures of the USA and for anyone that still wants to believe in humanity.















* *** *** ** *** ** ***

Daniel Brigman
30 pages, 8.5x11" B&W

"Meconium is the first bowel movements of an infant, composed of materials ingested in the uterus," writes Brigman as to overarching theme of this release. Exquisite stark journey depicted through faint indications of form/content, often obscured un/intentionally and also coherent enough to generate hidden visions; interposed throughout with hand-written poetry collected over the years as an opaque narrative of loss and degradation of human relationships. Akin to a zine of Merhige's film journey "Begotten" with some perhaps similar themes/asthetics. For the faint of heart.












** * *** *** ** 

"Beauty in Confusion and Harmony: American Perspective on Southeast Asia in Year of the White Tiger"
Mark Billings
32 pages, 5.5x8.5" B&W velum covers
printed on treeless sugarcane/bamboo paper

Fotojournal/travelog ue of Thailand, Cambodia, and a little of Burma, from a 3 1/2 month trip early 2010 CE/2553 in Thailand. Much unknown experience and wonder, an extremely concise reenactment of a much longer journey with photos to prove it existed. During a time of social unrest in Thailand, with the Red Shirts protests and shifts in globalization effects, expanding beyond the tourist "experience" into actual dialogues and reforming into words for the West. Bangkok-Northern Thailand-Siem Reap-Phnom Penh-Myawaddy-Kancha naburi.




** ** **** ** *

"Everything Sea Dream issue #1"
compiled/researched by Omebi Velouria
contributors SOS, Suzy Poling, Andrew Cass, Omebi
5.5x8.5" B&W/color

A little zine inspired by old sf magazines, 90's mysticism magazines, and ufo newsletters...focuse s on other dimensions, dreamed up realities, ufo inspired music, insect/plant consciousness, ghosts, etc...
in a collaborated effort...































** *** ***still available* *** *** *


Mark Billings

B&W on blue and gold


few copies left
metalinguistic morphic non-local resonations transcribed into mind-exploding folkloric visions and bridges between dualities; a first attempt at an alien child's coloring book)

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