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Alot of people like to throw around big word's and point finger's these day's,judging what should and shouldn't be seen or done,in thier opinion.It's a cheap trick-an easy way to make yourself feel like your doing something.Everyone's got an opinion lately,and putting down other peoples stuff by slapping negative label's on it makes them seem validated.If your vague enough about what you say,and can make it stick,you can maybe organize a witch hunt,if your lucky.Cultural assimilation is one of those accusation's which I think doesn't really stand up to much scrutiny.It's in vogue now to scream about racism or sexism at every opportunity,until basically the entire cultural landscape is like a minefield,and nobody can speak.Theres a thin line between respecting and patronizing though.When I hear people putting cultures or tastes up on a pedestal,it reek's of ignorance to me,and show's a distinct lack of exsposure to cultures and people in general.Cultural assimilation,in and of itself,seem's like a ridiculously separatist theory to me.Like,if we are all of the same human family,why wouldn't we feel free to represent any aspect of that culture?To separate artistic endeavor's by race is ludicrous.It's limiting,and show's a ridiculously shortsighted naivete' when it comes to art and life,which is a collage of images and belief's and traditions,none being the specific intellectual property of any one culture.To limit oneself to a specific bloodline is thinly disguised politically correct fascism.As an accusation,it just doesn't hold water-it's a cheap way to hate people,without actually coming up with a decent reason.It just show's that somebody somewhere is going to be pissed off about anything you do,no matter what it is.It's not like every single move you make or every single thing you ever do is representative of some political belief-sometimes people just draw or say or sing or play whatever they want to at the moment-that is art.Without that freedom of expression,there is no culture.Limiting freedom of expression so that no one ever get's offended ever is anti-art.Not all stories,pictures,whatever,is a representation of the person's belief's or politic's.People need to lighten up and be a little more tolerant-people can put out whatever kind of music or zine they want-that's why they call it the "free world"-because we're free to do and say what we want.

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