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How do you write when you suspect your audience isn't going to accept you or your work?

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Comment by Izalixe Straightheart on January 24, 2017 at 6:50pm

I've been myself debating putting out or not a zine about gender issues, because my life circumstances just threw me into the alphabet soup pot (fell in love with someone & then found out they were trans), I'm not exactly queer or whatnot myself though I'm starting to understand i'm probably not cis and non-binary but yeah, these are very sensitive issue, I'm known for my straightforwardness ( hence the pen name, and it used to be StraightSHOOTER too) , I dont have a LGBTQAZ2WHATEVER community to "educate" me, and when I tried to have direct discussions with people by email, postal mail or on FB statuses, some people would get all huffed up and get their panties in a bunch... when all I was doing really was trying to understand and ask people who i thought knew more than me about the topic. I was even told by one "I dont speak with cis people". How fucking rude. So yeah. But I guess it was boiling inside and one night I just typed it all out in one sitting. I didnt list that new issue anywhere yet (Happy Loner #6, WTF 2016?) because I'm still unsure of the possible backlash so I made a limited edition of ten copies to send to select people and I'll see the discussions I'll have from there, I'll probably print a bigger run soon when I can add a sequel with the advancement of my reflexions and feel more confident on my positions about this.

What is it about you want to write you think people wont respond well to, if I may be so bold to ask ?

Comment by Julius Smit on January 23, 2017 at 4:13am

Hi Anna, this is an age old question and it's so much more relevant today as there is so much stuff out there (print and virtual) demanding to be read and heard. 

If you have a something you really want to write, then go ahead and write it. Write what you WANT to write. I'm still learning this myself! Don't think about your audiences. Someone, somewhere will read and accept you and your work!

I've just been reading a tome of a book about the life of William S. Burroughs, of the so-called 'Beat Generation.' When he actually started writing quite late on in his life, he wrote what he wanted, in his own way. Some of his close friends had confidence in his work and helped to get him published. Many people hated his writing, but he didn't care. He was true to himself. The ironic thing is that all his fiction work is now considered to be 'classic reading' and is often included in university courses.

If nobody wants to publish your work, publish it yourself - that's what the zine world is all about! 

Have confidence in yourself and all will be well. So, get writing now...!!



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