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Read through the details of each job and find one, or two that you want to apply for. It may be necessary to build a portfolio blog, or put together an online resume to showcase your prior writings and experiences. It just looks more professional to be able to apply electronically online for remote, telecommute jobs such as these listed below. Good Luck!

Free to apply: Yes
Membership fees: None
Open to: U.S. only
Pay rates: TBD
Direct orders: No
Commission fees: None
Headquartered in New York City, WeSell.com provides event-related topics for several popular lifestyle websites such as OnCruises.com, PubCrawls.com, and NewYorkLimos.com.
The company uses freelance writers (called Content Associates) to write and revise content, which usually includes composing reviews and descriptions of local and national events and attractions.
Payment is not disclosed and is determined between the company and the writer. All writers must have impeccable writing skills, the ability to research, and know how to cover events.
To apply for a position, you will need to complete an online application, accompanied with a resume and up to four relevant writing samples.

NewsFactor Network

Free to apply: Yes
Membership fees: None
Open to: U.S. only
Pay rates: $35-$50/article
Direct orders: No
Commission fees: None
NewsFactor Network routinely hires experienced freelance writers to compose articles on business and technology for its online news networks that target high-level CIOs, IT supervisors, and computer technology pros.
In recent months the company has hired freelance writers to cover breaking or timely computer technology news, Monday through Friday.
Otherwise, the company uses writers to cover an array of tech topics, from wireless devices, data storage, and tech trends to computer networking, communications, and hardware.
Average pay per story is between $35 to $50. Writers must have extensive experience in this industry to write intelligently for a sophisticated readership.
Because most news pieces must be neutral in opinion, writers may need to interview market analysts or company managers to present a proper market perspective.
News Factor expects prospective writers to have written 50 or more tech-topic articles published by credible sources.

Red Line Editorial

Free to apply: Yes
Membership fees: None
Open to: U.S. and other countries
Pay rates: TBD
Direct orders: No
Commission fees: None
Launched in 1998, Red Line Editorial specializes in providing high quality editorial services to the book publishing industry and also supplies sports content to a variety of sports-related sites, both nationally and regionally.
Besides outsourcing work to freelance sports writers, the company also contracts copy editors, proofreaders, and fact-checkers to edit and polish manuscripts.
According to the site’s “Work for Us” section, the company also uses writers to write on non-fiction subjects such as history, science, health, and politics.
To inquire about open freelance jobs, contact Bob Temple, founder and editor, or go to the site’s employment section and submit your resume.
I have never applied to this company, so I don’t know what the pay is.
I originally discovered this company through job ads in which the company was hiring freelance writers on a “work for hire” basis.

The Search Source

Free to apply: Yes
Membership fees: None
Open to: U.S. and other countries
Pay rates: pays per project
Direct orders: No
Commission fees: None
The Search Source, an independent SEO marketing agency, hires freelance writers to write optimized content for their clients who need higher positions and visibility in search engine results.
Writers must possess excellent knowledge of advanced SEO principles and write top-notch content for different jobs.
Besides SEO content, Search Source may also offers gigs for composing blog posts, articles, press releases, and website content.
The difference between Search Source and similar platforms is that writers may need to contact clients directly by phone to further define project objectives if needed.
Also, writers may need to research selected topics to understand the subject thoroughly before writing.
To apply for freelance work, you will need to submit samples and a resume.
Accepted writers work within the company’s private WordPress dashboard to complete and upload content.


Free to apply: Yes
Membership fees: None
Open to: U.S. and other countries
Pay rates: To be determined
Direct orders: Yes
Commission fees: None
Launched in 2011, Scripted.com is a fast-growing outsourcing marketplace for freelance writers to write top-notch content for businesses.
Recent statistics show that Scripted.com has more than 1,000 customers, including top companies like Intuit, Shutterfly, Levi’s, and Adobe, and more than 80,000 pre-screened freelance writers who work on assignments.
The company also sells custom “on-the-fly” content to businesses that need to boost their online marketing presence.
Although Scripted doesn’t disclose how much it pays writers, the company offers higher-priced writing services.
For example, the minimum price a client pays for a blog post is $49; $69 for website copy; $299 for a white paper; $149 for press releases, etc.
These prices are much higher than what comparable outsourcing marketplaces charge clients.
What Scripted pays its freelance writers is based on the writing assignment, the client, and the length.
To become a freelance writer for Scripted, you must pass two application tests.
The first test is a basic English syntax and word usage test. If you pass the first test, you are taken to your own private dashboard where you must choose a specialty.
For example, I like writing on business topics, so I would select “Business” as my specialty.
You can choose only one specialty, and Scripted offers many. Based on your chosen specialty, the second part will test you on your writing skills and knowledge.
You will need to submit a 300-word article on a topic, as well as explain why you are qualified to write on such topics.
The editorial staff at Scripted will review the second part of your test and grade you; if they decide your writing skills and knowledge are above average, you will have immediate access to article writing jobs under your specialty.
Whenever a new job becomes available under your specialty, Scripted will notify you by e-mail or text message.
Otherwise, you can log in to your account at any time and view open jobs.
Scripted.com usually pays within two days after the client has approved your work.


Free to apply: Yes
Membership fees: None
Open to: U.S. and other countries
Pay rates: $50-$200/article
Direct orders: No
Commission fees: None
Knoji is a popular consumer review website that offers in-depth reviews of products and services so that consumers can make educated decisions on what to purchase.
The website relies on freelance writers to write most of its reviews and product guides on consumer shopping, online buying, and shopping advice.
Writers can earn money in three ways: 1) write reviews; 2) write consumer guides; 3) answer consumer questions.
In my opinion, writing consumer guides might be worth your time because the other two ways pay very little.
Writing consumer guides can earn you between $50 and $200 per article.
A typical “guide” reviews a specific company and its product or service and offers in-depth analysis and reviewer-perspective information to highlight the pros and cons of such service or product and help consumers make the best purchasing decision when comparing similar products or services from other companies.
You can select from a variety of “Write a Guide” projects on your own schedule.
To be eligible as a Guide Writer, Knoji requires you to be an excellent researcher, a competent writer, and have the ability to simplify complex information for a consumer audience.
You will need to provide at least two samples of work, preferably a product review or service review, or a shopping-related article.
Your writing should demonstrate your ability to pay attention to details, accuracy, and timeliness.
Writing reviews for Knoji pays on a performance basis, such as search engine traffic and page views; but, if you excel at writing a review, you are eligible to receive an upfront payment of up to $12 (on average).
When you become a member, Knoji provides you with your own private dashboard where you can choose products or services to review that the website needs immediately.
Once you accept to write a review, you will have three days to complete it.
Your dashboard will also show other writing opportunities, such as answer questions posted by consumer and writing company snapshots.


Free to apply: Yes
Membership fees: None
Open to: U.S. and other countries
Pay rates: $.40-0.65 cents per minute of audio
Direct orders: Not sure.
Commission fees: None
New Internet-startup, Rev.com, offers “in-the-cloud” transparent translation services to any individual or business anywhere in the world that needs content translated fast and accurately.
Funded by Globespan Capital and offering translation for 30 foreign languages, the company invites freelancers with relevant skills to become members of its network.
As a at-home service member for the company, you will have access to available translation jobs.
You can choose which projects to work on and the ones that interest you the most.
You can work as much or as little as you want, and set your own hours, as long as you meet all deadlines.
The company pays freelancers between $.40-0.65 cents per minute of audio. To apply as a member, you will need to submit an online application and samples of work for review.
Payment is issued weekly via PayPal.


Free to apply: Yes
Membership fees: None
Open to: U.S.-based writers only
Pay rates: .02-.08 cents per word (standard), up to $1/word (premium orders).
Direct orders: Yes.
You can set your own rates for direct orders.
Commission fees: 30% per approved article WriterAccess.com is a private marketplace that connects U.S. freelance writers with open projects posted by employers.
Writers need to register for an account and create a profile.
Based on your profile, qualifications, and samples of work, WriterAccess will decide if your skills meet their standards. If approved, you will need to complete a test with 40 questions.
The test covers advanced English and grammar. After completing the test, you will receive a grade based on your overall skills.
This final grade is displayed on your public profile and seen by employers posting jobs. WriterAccess.com is strict about who they let write for their clients.
Writers are required to create an in-depth profile—it consists of over 10 separate parts.
Although you don’t need to complete every part, you should because it will help you get more work and build a reputation at the site.
The profile portions consist of writing in third person about your personal experiences as a writer, previous employment, specialty areas, sample articles, and education.
WriterAccess classifies new writing jobs as “Orders,” categorized by topic. Alongside each order are the word count, project requirements, and pay rate.
Pay ranges from $5.00 up to $25.00/article on average. Depending on your skill level and experience, you will have access to higher paying jobs.
Because WriterAccess pre-approves all writers, you never have to bid on jobs—you can accept any job that interests you and work on it immediately.
Employers can also send you direct orders based on your profile or on previous work you’ve completed for them.
Direct orders, ones that employers ask you to write for them, can pay anywhere from $15.00 to $100.00 per article.
Doing your best work on each project will generate repeat clients and help you establish ongoing relationships with employers.
WriterAccess.com is best suited for experienced writers and not new writers who still need to refine their skills.
As part of the approval process, you will need to provide professional experience and quality samples of various writing styles.
These may include conversational and informative press release, sales letters, white papers, and reviews.
Since it is more exclusive than other writing websites, you can expect to earn a decent income compared to other crowdsourcing marketplaces. You can withdraw your earnings at any time.


Free to apply: Yes
Membership fees: None
Open to: U.S. and international writers
Pay rates: $2.25 for every 100 word
Direct orders: Yes.
Commission fees: None.
Write.com allows freelance writers to work as independent contractors and earn money doing something they enjoy.
Write.com uses Amazon.com’s powerful outsourcing MTurk platform. Approved writers can write content on their own flexible schedules without having to work the traditional 9-5 shift.
The company offers different assignments posted by employers. The diversity of assignments is something that writers will enjoy.
You can find projects to write articles, blog posts, press releases, content, etc. on a number of different topics and subjects.
The earning potential will vary depending your skill-level and how much writing you decide to do. However, writers typically earn $2.25 for every 100 word.
The pay increases with the word count—the higher the word count for an article, the higher the pay. Experienced writers can expect to earn over $15 per hour if they work efficiently and diligently.
To qualify as a team member, you will need to sign up for a free account and answer 20 questions to see if you have what it takes.
These questions are relatively easy and will not take long to complete.
Once you have completed the questions, you will also need to sign up for a free Amazon MTurk account.
Write.com shows you how to do this to get started.


Free to apply: Yes
Membership fees: None
Open to: U.S. and other countries
Pay rates: $30-$80/article (average); up to $250/article.
Direct orders: No.
Commission fees: No.
Skyword is a great place for freelance writers to write online, allowing them to write for many top brands, to showcase their work, and keep rights to everything they write.
Writers are encouraged to enroll in programs, which are basically writing gigs for popular companies like GMC, IBM, AutoTrader.com, PopSci.com, and other branded companies.
Because each company has specific topics that they need covered, Skyword hires writers with special knowledge and skills.
For example, Pampers might want writers to write about the benefits of their products from the viewpoint of a new or an expecting mother.
Skyword also supports its writers by offering live help to resolve any problems, as well training materials on the most current marketable techniques for showcasing a writer’s portfolio.
Topics in these discussions offer advice from editors to mini workshops on improving a certain style of writing.
Writers can also learn search engine optimized (SEO) writing, a very popular request from many companies.
Moreover, the staff at Skyword is highly attentive and friendly. They support their writers as much as possible.
They really do want all of their writers to succeed. Another benefit is that you learn to improve your own marketability.
Additionally, I don’t believe I have ever seen any bad reviews about this company. Applying to Skyword is easy. Register with a username and password.
Next, you can apply to different programs to write for a specific company. Applications and writing samples are required for these programs.
Waiting times for approval vary. If you are approved, you can begin writing for the respective company. Pay rates are based on what the the company is willing to pay.
Some companies offer as much as $100-250 per article, whereas others only offer a meager $25. Some companies, like Bounty, offer upfront payment for articles.
This can be as little as $10. In addition, writers can generate revenue for page views. The more views your article page generates, the higher your revenue.
However, you do need many page visits to see any incremental revenue. Payment is on a bimonthly basis and is sent through PayPal.
Articles that you write are sometimes simple. Your company might only need you to write 250 words. But be warned, your article must be high quality.
A staff editor will review your article before accepting it and issuing payment. Many writers whom I know do generate a relatively decent income from Skyword.


Free to apply: Yes
Membership fees: None
Open to: U.S. writers and International Writers
Pay rates: $15-$30/article (average); up to $100/article.
Direct orders: No.
Commission fees: No.
Demand Studios is a “content creation” company that has positions available for writers, filmmakers, and copywriters.
This is one of the most well-known freelance writing companies because many people who write for Demand Studios also write for the company’s other popular websites, Ehow.com, SFGate.com, and Livestrong.com.
On average, the company has thousands of assignments available to writers.
The company pays up to $15.00 per article, which is slightly higher than what Internetbrands.com, Examiner.com, and Textbroker.com pay their freelance writers.
Despite the “low” pay compared to what professional writers earn per article, many writers and career-oriented people enjoy writing for Demand Studios.
To make money writing for Demand Studios, you need to complete a writer’s application.
Writers who have degrees in English or journalism have a better chance of being accepted. The application process is relatively simple.
A writer fills out an application that asks the basic questions, such as name, email address, etc. The application also requires the applicant to submit a resume and a writing sample.
Submit a writing sample of at least 400 words in length, along with a resume of previous and relevant writing experiences.
Demand Studios will notify you via email if you’ve been accepted. If accepted, that same email will contain instructions on how to activate your account.
Once activated, you can start writing and making money. You can select up to 10 assignments. For best results, you should select only topics that interest you.
Each assignment has specific guidelines. Write the article, proof it, and then submit it for review. Editorial staff review all submitted articles for quality and following instructions.
An editor will either accept your article or will send it back for revisions. If your article is accepted, DemandStudios will deposit payment into your author’s account.
If you need to revise the article, make the changes and then resubmit the article for approval.


Free to apply: Yes
Membership fees: None
Open to: U.S. writers and International Writers
Pay rates: $20-$50/article (average); up to $100/article.
Direct orders: No.
Commission fees: No.
Internet Brands, Inc. is an online-based company that provides advertising solutions and custom, optimized content for a number of well-known clients.
It began as CarsDirect.com, a site focused specifically on automotive needs.
Since the mid 2000s, the company has expanded their portfolio to include different brands in different industries, such as health and home, leisure, travel, licensing, and shopping.
The company frequently hires a number of freelance writers to provide content for their clients.
InternetBrands has a careers section where freelance writers can browse available jobs listings and apply to them.
Recent writing opportunities offered both aspiring writers looking for an opportunity to start freelancing and expert writers who are authorities on specific topics.
Here are three previous job listings InternetBrands had offered: Freelance Travel Writer Internet Brands was seeking a writer for World66, a travel company looking to provide excellent written content.
A wiki based service, the site needed articles on hotel and restaurant reviews, fun activities to do in particular cities, travel listings, and travel itineraries and costs.
This job paid $10 per article. Shopping Writer This was a job listing for a number of sites, rather than a specific client.
Writers were asked to provide content about online retailers, shopping opportunities, store policies, and other information.
Again, pay was between $10-$20 per 250-word article. Shopping Trends Reporter This was a job listing for more experienced writing professionals.
The successful candidate would be reporting on major shopping trends, including preferred stores, particularly popular types of sales, and seasonal shopping.
This job fell into the professional pay range, offering $50-$75 per 450-800 words. The pay for each article was determined based on article quality and length.
Paying $10-$20 an article is a decent, if not meager, rate for short-form articles (offered in the first two listings), considering it averages out to $.04 per word.
The third job, paying $.10 cents per word, is what beginning writers are usually paid writing for magazines. For comparison, fiction writers in professional markets are paid a minimum of $.05 per word.


Free to apply: Yes
Membership fees: None
Open to: U.S. writers
Pay rates: $30-$80/article (average); up to $250/article
Direct orders: No.
Commission fees: No.
Over a few years Patch.com (part of AOL.com) has grown its news site powered by freelance writers and citizen journalists.
The site differs from other sites that pay its writers for articles, as Patch.com is location-based and wants specialists covering their own areas.
As Patch.com is still growing, it is only available in certain areas but covers many of the heavily populated States.
Patch.com sees itself as a news purveyor, publishing original local news in over 100 locations throughout the US almost instantly, eliminating having consumers wait for their news from traditional media.
The website has invested heavily in having full-time editors to keep the quality of the site to a high level and also to encourage new writers to work for them.
Editors are said to be paid in the range of $35,000-$45,000 dollars per year and also receive other benefits, but they must be flexible enough to keep their “Patch” producing good quality content.
When Patch.com’s headquarters decide on a new area to cover, they hire the local editor who generally has about ten weeks to establish the local “Patch” and hire freelance writers experienced in news writing.
Each “Patch” is expected to produce three good quality articles per day appealing to the wider audience of each area.
The editor of each “Patch” has control of the area and is largely responsible for the success of each one, from the quality control to hiring freelance writers.
Freelance writers initially have to apply to the site with an example of past works, along with a resume.. While the site does take on new writers, editors want writers who have strong work ethics and high standards.
Writers must be very knowledgeable on the topics they are covering. If you are experienced in website writing, news writing, or blog writing, this site is a good fit for you.
The Patch editor will assign work to their own freelance writers, along with details of each job and pay rate. The rates of pay are “industry standard”—the average pay is $50 to $100 per assignment.
The writer can negotiate the pay rate to include travel expenses. Most “Patches” have between six and twelve freelance writers who contribute on a regular basis to each area.
Patch.com offers enough quality work to keep most writers busy, but the payments are generally considered as secondary income and not a full-time job.


Free to apply: Yes
Membership fees: None
Open to: U.S. writers
Pay rates: .02-.08 cents per word.
Direct orders: Yes.
You can set your own rates for direct orders.
Commission fees: 30%.
Textbroker.com is an outsourcing marketplace specifically for U.S.-based freelance writers—you will find writing assignments, ranging from SEO articles to how-to articles on a broad range of topics.
At any given time you can find more than 3,000 writing projects available to freelance writers.
Textbroker works slightly differently than other outsourcing marketplaces. Although membership is free, you must submit a sample of writing for review.
Based on your initial sample, a staff member will rate your writing skills between one and five stars. Five stars means you are one of the best writers at Textbroker.
Many writers fall between three and four stars. Aspiring writers who have not yet honed their craft usually receive two stars.
Once you are approved, you can see all of the available writing assignments in the member’s section; however, you can only choose writing assignments that match your rating.
For example, if you are a member with a rating of two stars, you cannot apply to writing assignments which clients have rated three stars and above.
Don’t worry if you are rated only two stars—as you complete assignments, your credibility rises and eventually a staff member will review your performance and decide to rate you higher.
Most writing assignments fall between three and four stars because many clients are looking for competent writers with above-par skills to work on their assignments.
When a client is ready to post a new project, he or she must decide on the skill level of the writer—between two and five stars.
If the client chooses two stars, this means writers with a rating of two stars and above can grab the assignment.
Perhaps the biggest difference between Textbroker and the other outsourcing marketplaces is that you don’t need to self-promote yourself at the site or write bid proposals for a chance to land a writing assignment.
You simply review the open writing assignments; when one interests you, simply select it and get to work. It’s that easy. When you have completed a writing assignment, you submit it for the client to review it.
If the client likes what you have written, he or she will approve it and Textbroker will deposit your pay into your Textbroker account. It’s difficult to make a full-time income using only Textbroker because rates are so low.
For example, many 500-word assignments pay between $3-$7 dollars, depending on the skill-level. Many writers use Textbroker to supplement their income and to pick up quick writing assignments during their downtime.


Free to apply: Yes
Membership fees: None
Open to: U.S. and other countries
Pay rates: Revenue sharing: .50 cents to $3 per 1,000 page views
Direct orders: No.
Commission fees: None
Freelance writers who want another revenue source might want to check out Allvoices.com. It’s a news publishing website that accepts posts from writers anywhere in the world.
Contributors also have the option to post from their cell phones if it is more convenient. Writers can post stories, news reports, articles of opinion, and any other types of content that will interest and engage readers.
Registration is free. ( click here to read more ) → [Write for AllVoices.com] Allvoices.com serves as a public platform for writers and citizen journalists to share their content to a broad audience who have similar interests.
Posting is easy: write your article, add images, and if applicable, add video. Once you have submitted your content, it is live for the viewing public. Other writers will read and rate your article. Anyone can comment on it.
Writers can make money from page views. A more popular way to make money through AllVoice’s Build Your Brand program. Writers are paid based on their skill level. Level one is for new writers called “Stringers.”
They start with the lowest income potential. Second level is called “Reporters” who have an established reputation, so they have a higher earning potential.
Third level is called “Anchors” who are more experienced writers, so they have the highest earning potential. Monthly payment is based on reputation, participation, promotion, and engagement.
Therefore, the more articles you write, the more your reputation and participation scores rise. Promotion percentage rises with your marketing efforts to send out links to attract readers.
It may also rise by interacting with other writers and rating their articles. Engagement scores rise when readers become captivated by your material. All these factors go into calculating your articles’ “page view pay rates.”
Momentum may be slow on the site as you establish yourself as a regular contributor. However, some subjects may go viral due to their timeliness and subject matter.
If for some reason your article goes viral, you must complete your profile page and submit forms to collect the performance payments.
Allvoices.com is a great site to start earning side income because it costs nothing to start and the page views accumulate almost instantly after you have posted your article.
You are also immediately welcomed into the community of contributors and encouraged to write what you desire.


Free to apply: Yes
Membership fees: None
Open to: U.S. and other countries
Pay rates: $300-$700 monthly
Direct orders: No.
Commission fees: None
Freelancing can be tough. If you have useful knowledge on a variety of topics, then writing for About.com may be right for you.
About.com is a website that offers expert advice on several different everyday topics. This information is offered in the form of articles, blogs, forums, and videos.
Since it initially hit the web in 1996, About.com’s popularity has grown to 84 million monthly visitors, 80 percent of whom are referred to About.com by Internet search engines.
The purpose of About.com is to provide expert, user-friendly advice on popular topics that can range from baking a cake to health issues.
The website offers easy navigation, which means readers can quickly find the useful information they need. About.com offers two main types of freelance writing jobs: 1) Guide Writer and 2) Topic Writer.
Guide Writers create specific content to help readers. For example, a Guide Writer who covers health, might write articles that help readers improve their eating habits, exercise more safely, and live healther lives.
Guides usually address topics that involve continual content writing and revising, along with solid research skills and strong understanding of the subject.
Topic writers cover more specialized content than Guides; they can choose from a list of topics to cover. Both Topic Writers and Guide Writers also write blogs.
However, Guides are required to produce a weekly newsletter and moderate forums, while Topic Writers don’t have this task. For the first two years, Topic Writers are paid per article.
Afterwards, if the Topic Site grows, writers are also paid based on “per page views.” There is no “cap” on the amount of money that a writer can earn.
Being a Guide Writer means you can expect monthly payments from the content that you create, as well as receiving “performance” payments.
Guide Writers can expect a guaranteed per-article rate depending on the maximum number of articles they write as required by their contract.
Topic Writers are expected to produce between 6-10 articles per month, while Guide Writers need to produce at least eight articles per month.
In addition to their weekly newsletters and moderating and encouraging discussions in their forums.
To sign up as a freelancer, visit the site and check out the site’s Guide and Topic writing pages. An evaluation is required for both roles.


Free to apply: Yes
Membership fees: None
Open to: U.S. writers
Pay rates: .05-.30 cents per word.
Direct orders: Yes.
Commission fees: Not mentioned.
Most aspring writers start freelancing because they want to earn money online from home, on their own schedule, with no boss looking over their shoulders.
ECopywriters offers this opportunity for self-starting, creative writers who are attentive to detail.
ECopywriters is a web development company that connects clients with writers, who are paid per word to deliver professional copy to companies all over the world.
Copywriting assignments include press releases, blogs, brochures, SEO, web writing, public relations, direct mail, and more.
Copywriters can take as many assignments as they wish, and organize them with an included CSV uploader.
Clients dictate how writers should write their copy, and specify the level of expertise that writers need to accept the assignment.
Writers choose jobs based on their experience level, determined by ECopywriters after the writer has submitted a writing sample and taken a short grammar test.
Writers can select assignments in their preferred subject areas, spanning diverse subjects like medical writing, travel, real estate, and spirituality.
Clients can also contact writers directly to assign them work. As writers gain experience, they are given a higher percentage ranking. Writers who check for work frequently are also given higher ratings.
Writers with higher rankings are featured more prominently on the site. Payment is sent via Paypal. Payment is determined by how difficult the assignment is.
Level 1 pricing is 5 cents a word: this is for orders that require minimal research, such as basic articles, product descriptions, and blog posts
Level 2 pricing is 10 cents a word and requires more research and complicated formatting, as seen in newsletters, brochures, and press releases.
Level 3 assignments pay 15 cents a word and are for in-depth assignments such as white papers and case studies. Pricing includes proofreading/editing and 1 round of revisions.
Copywriters can earn up to 30 cents per word at Level 10. ECopywriters is a great way for professional writers and stay-at-home parents to maintain a flexible work schedule, and for students, part-time workers or recently laid-off employees.
To continue earning money. Copywriters can earn up to $25.00 per hour with basic writing projects.


Free to apply: Yes
Membership fees: None
Open to: U.S. and other countries
Pay rates: based on page views
Direct orders: No.
Commission fees: None
Examiner.com provides accurate and up-to-date information on a variety of popular subjects including business, local news, sports, and healthy living.
The company offers writers the opportunity to write locally-based articles about issues and topics in their own town or on popular issues but with a local slant. Writers have the chance to write about a specific theme or subject as frequently and as often as they want to.
You must apply to write for Examiner.com. Once approved, you can start creating content for the site immediately.
The website offers revenue-only payments. Although Examiner.com states that it pays competitive rates, the company does not pay a flat fee per article. Instead, pay is accumulative based on several variables, such as size of readership, page views, social media activity, and sponsorships. This means that you will earn based on how many people read your article and how many times the ads are displayed on your article page. For example, if you have an article and only one person reads it, you won’t make any money. If you have an article that goes viral, however, you could make quite a bit of cash. The amount of money you can earn directly depends on how many people read your article; if you want to write for Examiner.com, you must promote and market your articles. Some writers choose to promote their articles through social media, such as Facebook or Twitter. Others choose to utilize email mailing lists. And others promote their posts through blogs or blog comments. If you have a fun time writing and can do so with little direction, you may enjoy writing for Examiner.com.
Your writing routine will include coming up with your own article ideas and writing solid, factual content.
Additionally, if you want to earn decent money, you’ll need to regularly promote your posts. For some writers, promoting and marketing take more time than actually writing the article.


Free to apply: Yes
Membership fees: None
Open to: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia
Pay rates: $.03-.10/per word
Direct orders: No.
Commission fees: None
CopyPress welcomes experienced freelance writers to join the company to write articles, blog posts, and other content for its growing clientele of small and large businesses in various industries.
Standard pay rates are between $.03-.10/per word. The company may start new writers at a lower pay rate (about $20/500 word article), until they can write engaging, sharable content based on their training materials.
Writers with excellent writing skills can expect a pay rate of $30/500 word article. CopyPress pays you on a per assignment basis, and can deposit payments via PayPal or directly into your bank account.
Before being approved as a CopyPress writer, you will need to train and certify yourself at its online community, and then complete an application process.
Once approved, you can access available assignments that match your skills and interests. You can accept assignments immediately.
CopyPress offers different content creation and marketing services to help small and large businesses improve online traffic and sales.
The company’s online community lets you network with other members, as well as read articles, watch helpful videos, and gain valuable advice from experienced members.


Free to apply: Yes
Membership fees: None
Open to: U.S. and other countries
Pay rates: $25-$200/article
Direct orders: No.
Commission fees: None
Helium.com is a freelance writing site that is free to join.
Once you sign up, you can create a profile (provide your bio and a headshot) and then choose topics on which to write. You do not have to bid for projects; you simply claim a title, write it, and submit it. Primary income is earned by having your work read. Partnered with Google’s Adsense, Helium shares its Google ad “click” revenues with their writers. Writers also have two other ways to earn money. Helium.com outsources paid article writing jobs to experienced freelance writers who are active members of the site. Branded as Helium Content Source. The site’s editors match skilled freelance writers with specific article assignments needed by publishers, websites, and businesses. These are higher paying writing assignments, offering from $25/article to $200/article.
Recent jobs have included writing blog posts, health articles, advertising materials, and journalism news pieces. You can also participate in Helium-sponsored writing contests.
Contest winners can win up to $50 per contest, and the winning articles are eligible to earn residual income based on the number of readers over time. Other articles you write are also eligible for residual earnings based on page per views (PPV). Here’s how PPVs work: Google ads are displayed on the Helium website. Every time a reader views your article, a small amount of revenue is generated—usually just a few cents per click, but since your article will always be on Helium, it will always generate revenue every time there is a page view. A few pennies don’t sound like much, but keep in mind that the website attracts millions of visitors—so your articles stand a good chance of multiple page views. The site has a rating system that writers can participate in.
You are assigned articles to read and rate, and your articles are reviewed and rated by other members. All writers are required to rate articles, and of course, it is to your advantage if your articles receive high ratings. This means a higher ranking and an increased income for you. Joining Helium.com is great for people who love to write, who can write well, and who are particularly good at writing fact-based web content. You’re not likely to make a fortune, but if you take your time to explore the site and take advantage of the different money-making opportunities, you can make a small monthly income.
Helium pays twice a month via Paypal; there is a $25 payout minimum, so you should expect to write at least 10-20 articles per month. Helium does work differently than other freelance writing sites, and at first it can be confusing.
Members have access to Help pages and the community forum. It’s a good idea to read the entries on the forum—there are lots of tips, tricks and solid advice for newbies.

Yahoo! Voices

Free to apply: Yes
Membership fees: None
Open to: U.S. and other countries
Pay rates: $10-$15/article; ongoing royalties based on page views.
Direct orders: Yes.
Commission fees: None
Yahoo! Voices is a digital library of articles, videos and slideshows, produced by a huge diversity of contributors, on every subject imaginable, from pet care to installing air conditioning units.
It is a social venue for writers to submit interesting and engaging material. You can make money in three ways:
1) you can submit your own articles on any topic for upfront payment and pay-per-view revenue.
2) you can submit articles for pay-per-view revenue only.
3) you can choose article assignments from Yahoo! staff members and receive payment per article. An upfront payment for an article amounts to $10-$15 only.
However, you still receive ongoing royalties based on page views. Yahoo! has specific submission guidelines, but they are not difficult, and you can easily learn and apply them to your articles.
The platform/website is easy to navigate, with tabs for Content (a list of articles published), Community (social forum), and Academy (writing guidelines). Underneath the navigation is a tab called “Assignments”—depending on your interests (and sometimes your location), you will find “requested topics” that Yahoo! needs for their various content-driven websites. The assignments are identified by word count, due date, and if it is a paying assignment or not. If not, the article is still a contribution that adds to the writer’s portfolio and provides name recognition online. All articles use the writer’s own byline and receive ongoing royalties. Some assignments have a specific payment associated with them. If you feel you can write intelligently on that topic, you may claim that assignment,
and follow the due date and word count. A recent assignment with a title “How Refinancing Helped Consolidate My Debt” was listed as paying $10. The writer selecting that assignment is paid that amount if the article is accepted for publication. Other articles that you submit are eligible for upfront payment. Contributors have their own profile pages listing their articles, along with their interests and websites. Depending on your skills and past contributions, Yahoo! might send you specific assignments. For example, for the Republican Convention held in Tampa, a writer received a private assignment to write about why Tampa was the ideal city for that convention. The writer may always decline any assignment. All contributors earn money on Yahoo! Voices. Admittedly, the pay is low, but as a writer persists in producing content, the revenue increases because of ongoing roylties for each article.
Yahoo! Voices has a nice platform. It is easy to gauge various statistics. It is easy to communicate with other writers and receive feedback. For the sake of publicizing your writing skills and promoting yourself, Yahoo! Voices is terrific.

Prose Media, Inc.

Free to apply: Yes
Membership fees: None
Open to: U.S. and other countries
Pay rates: rates vary based on assignment.
Direct orders: No.
Commission fees: None
Prose Media LLC is a private agency that assigns premium writing assignments to skilled freelance writers. Approved writers receive relevant writing jobs via emails that match your interests and skills.
All emails include pay rates and specs of the jobs. Founded by a seasoned writer, Prose Media hires writers to produce exceptional original content for businesses and nonprofit organizations.
All assignments are paid, on a per-project basis. ( click here to read more ) → [Write for Prose Media] To work for Prose Media, you will need to complete and submit an online application for review.
Writers who have published clips, a strong background in writing, and specialties will have the best chance for approval. Sign up is free and there are no membership fees. The best part is that you never have to bid on work or find prospective clients on your own. Pay rates fluctuate according to the project and what the client needs, such as the type of content type, the topic and its complexity, the length, and deadline. Prose Media states that it compensates all writers fairly as predetermined by common industry standards. Prose Media writers have the opportunity to write blog posts, white papers, social media content, marketing materials, press releases, and technical proposals, among other assignments.

Remilon, LLC.

Free to apply: Yes
Membership fees: None
Open to: U.S. and other countries
Pay rates: $8+/hour.
Direct orders: No.
Commission fees: None
Remilon is an online media company that creates custom educational materials for a slew of popular websites. One of the company’s flagship websites.
Education-Portal.com, helps millions of students and degree seekers assess life-altering choices and solve common problems, such as reducing college debt. Most free courses result in actual college credit for students, which can be transferred from college to college. Remilon has 200 writers working for them to produce thousands of education, academic, and career-themed articles each month.
The company welcomes writers to join its growing community. You must be an experienced writer or subject matter expert with strong research and grammar skills. Remilon relies on freelance writers to write quality articles on higher education, K-12 topics, and job occupation articles. Writers can select from a virtually endless supply of assignments that interest them. You can choose your own hours and write as many articles as you wish. But you have to work at least 15 hours and produce at least 5 articles weekly. Starting pay is a meager $8/hour, and rises based on what you write, the quality of your writing, and staff-reviewed ” efficiency scores.”The company pays writers twice a month.

QualityGal Writing Services

Free to apply: Yes
Membership fees: None
Open to: U.S. writers
Pay rates: $15/article
Direct orders: No.
Commission fees: None
Formerly known as Rita’s Writers and renamed to QualityGal in 2008, the company creates custom content, ranging from blog posts to SEO article content, for businesses and organizations.
QualityGal is always seeking skilled U.S.-based writers to join on a freelance basis. Writers can claim up to five articles to work on at a time and receive $15+/article based on topic, quality, and length.
The company pays every Friday. To apply for a freelance position, you will need to complete an online form, followed by writing a 500-word test article so that a staff member can review your writing skills, style, coherency, and your ability for follow directions. You will also need to submit samples of previous work.

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