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I alway's loved printed matter,from the earliest day's I can remember.Probably the first art I saw that I dug was printed.Mass communication,to me,instantly mean's your art is worth a shit.Obviously,I'm wrong,but this is just a core belief I developed somewhere along the way.My aunt,who lived up by Central Park had a book of old MAD magazines,and those were my first memories of comic's.In 1970,my mom moved out to the Catskill's,behind my Grandparent's house,to get away from my dad because he was alway's drunk and they would scream and yell and beat the living bejeezus out of each other,often screaming for help from us kid's.My Mom turned hippy pothead anti-war feminist,and ran out on my Dad,hauling all us kid's out to the old house in the Catskill Mountain's.It didn't have any electricity,so we didn't have any television-we didn't even have running water.I think this is why I started drawing.My only entertainment was old Pogo possum book's by Walt Kelly,or old copies of MAD and The Masses stashed up in the attic.I read all that shit,and totally dug it.Sometimes my older brother would let me read his copie's of NEW GODS comic's.Some of the MAD's were so old,they were still in color.The smell of those musty old mag's up in the attic still takes me back.We actually made it through the winter there,taking bath's in the creek.That shit was cold.It's kind of embearassing to talk about it,but hey,that was my life back then.I also loved The Whole Earth Catalog,and read the section on Underground Comic's about 500 zillion times.For some wierd reason,my mom let me read any and all underground comic's I wanted to.Zap,Mr.Natural,you name it.It used to drive people crazy-I can still remember people freaking out because she let me read whatever I wanted to,at age 5.Since she was a back to nature hippy,complete with Volkswagen bug with peace sign's on it (which led to us getting searched by the Canadian Cop's on the way to Niagara Fall's),she also alway's had The Farmer's Almanac around.I think these examples are a major influence on why I print zines.I like the variety of exspression produced in zines,and the equal opportunity for mass communication provided by a free press.It's a sign of a healthy society to have so much free press at our fingertip's,and as you can tell by the previously stated examples,is an educational opportunity regardless of economic status.I still see zines with huge budget's and large staff's that are dull and listless when compared to other zines done by brokester's and hand colored.I hope when some future generation of scumbag loser's see's my stupid zine,they are equally inspired,as I was,to enter the world of printing,creating,and losing money on getting thier message heard in an entertaining format.Of course,now the computer's will rule everything,and nobody gives a shit about people with no electricity-of course,nobody gave a shit back then,either.

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Comment by robert eggplant on December 25, 2012 at 12:06pm

All Power to Mad Magazine circa 65-75...truly it was all DEVOlution from there


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