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I think its cool people are reprinting all of Dylans shit online.Dylan was one cat that did sum up the proper ethos of what an independant publisher should strive for-he was down for the art,not the profit.Its a good way to be,since you arent going to make any fucking money anyway.Another thing that made Dylan cool was,he was a serious fan of comics.Zines are fanzines-made by fans of the art form-a nice way of saying,non-professional.Call it whatever you want.Theres definitely a loss due to Dylans untimely demise.One thing that I think is funny,well,not really funny but fucked up really,is how alot of people talk about him on all these panels and shit,when the guy was drawing comics for like,20 fucking years and nobody wrote shit.I never thought of him as a driving force behind independant publishing-he was a cartoonist to me,and one of my favorites.He would refer to me in these glowing terms in interviews,which is funny because his shit was as good as mine.His writing was better.His Reporter comics were the shit.Its funny because last time I seen him at Bad Apple,we were discussing our feelings on Zine courses at OSU.He always had a more open minded attitude about shit-I remember when he said something about the PZF on facebook,and I commented "yeah,they should try something theyve never done before-like have a black person there",and he called me on my shit,and was like,"Why dont you do something about it,if you care?".But I dont care.When I met Dylan,he was a 15 year old dreadlocked punk rock skater in the back of Comic Relief in a Bad Brains t-shirt.He was quiet,and selling 20 sacks of weed.I think they hired him because he lived there,practically.Thats normal Dylan to me,even though it was 1985.When I got together with him to put some shit in Puppy toss,he was really supportive,and helped me out alot over the years,just as a peer and someone to talk stuff over with.I wish all these people that put him on a pedastal knew him back then,and realized that he was just a really great comic artist,putting shit out,trying to get by like everybody else.When I was in NY in the 80's,we used to see Jean Micheal Basquait and Kieth Haring graffiti up all the time.It cracked us up when they became famous,because,you know,they were just worthless cyphers like ourselves.Thats the point of punk rock scumdom-there are no superstars,its all just us.Peace out,dylan.

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