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man,blogging drunk is bad news-but blogging drunk and on oxycodone,while smoking weed is worse!you dont know what the hell your saying.or,even worse,only you know what your saying,and it sounds like gibberish to everybody else.zines are counter culture,and so are drugs.therefore,it only makes sense that if you do a bunch of drugs,you will be able to make a better zine.right?hells no!i tried that,back when i was totally hopped up on goofballs,doing ten,twenty bucks worth of real and fake dope every night.my drug induced idea for a drug zine on drugs went rilly really badsville.it was for a free paper for crackheads called the stem.it was going to be by crackheads for crackheads,serving the crackhead community.it could have been great,but my distributer was on crack.plus all my readers were on crack.eventually,some of my friends at the police department decided to give me what amounts to a really bad review,in thier zine called bobbys court papers,which comes out,well,every time i got busted.well,they convinced me not to come around any more,in thier newly created bobby madness free zone,which extended from the 24 hour porn store to paranoia park.the point is,at least i tried,even if i failed miserably and it sucked.but now,if i temper my drug use,i can crank out comic/zines at the incredible rate of one every 11 years.but hey,its not just about me.zines are about everybody liking me,and supporting me.how?by buying my comics.it could happen.i could become a famous zinester by the year 2025,if i had the support.i dont,but its because i ran out of shit to say l;ike 20 years ago.yet im still talking.and isnt that what zines are all about?a bunch of people talking,mostly about themselves,usually about something incredible like eating a sandwich or riding a bus.thats probably why i took the drugs in the first place-because everything everyone says is so boring that im falling asleep just listening to myself bitch.now thats what zines are really about.riddle me this,blog scoper-radical sabbaticals aside,zines,zine culture,killing,mutilation,drugs and publishing have alot in common-and that is,none of it is interesting.thats why,to make zines standable,you have to put drugs in them.you have to literally feed your zine acid-put a mouth on it if you have to.let your zine crash in your pad a few weeks-hang out with it.take it to a soccer game.cook it dinner.only then will people understand our devotion to this incredible artform we ruined.only then can we all hold hands,like we had to do in anger management,and lok at each other,whether were gay,lesbian,fat,thin,alive,dead,nazi,vegan,vegan nazi,ashkenazi,cats,dogs...the whole fam.everyone can fit into our drug umbrella,and read my zine at the same time,singing kumbaya and defeating the system-not just the system,but we could all beat even the solar system if we just put our minds to it.dontcha think?

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Comment by bobby madness on May 27, 2011 at 1:03am
no animals were killed writing this blog-in fact,two cats and a squirrel were fed quite well


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