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man,it sure is good to be free.not free of the burden's of life,or free from a troublesome past,but actually free-free to be you and me.free from fucking jail,and shit!man,that jail ain't no joke!they had me up on the max block too,with all these gangbanger's and psycho rape-o fuck's.and the food totally blew ass!it was all starchy and cold and shit.i did get to read Commanche Moon,an amazing book on Native American history though.plus,i cranked out Too Small Comic's three,which the staff at Teenage Dinosaur printed up(tim).all in all,it was a horrible experience.everyone was really homophobic and mean-i mean,it was like nobody was in a good mood ever.plus we were in lockdown the whole time,because some guy made up a crazy story about getting beat up(i didn't see nothing)just to get in the medical ward,because they had t.v. all day there.i never seen so many gang's since the e-40 show.ther were insane peckerwood soldiers,irish pride,fat b!$#h killer's,norteno's and hoover crip's.it was a festival of failed crimes,and really a trip.luckily,i got out of there and got sent to the cool ass drug rehab.it was wierd in there-you couldn't use any threatening term's,racist or homophobic slur's,or hate speech-in other words,it was like the we make zines website.so not only am i straightedge,but i have the entire court system to help me stay straightedge!my good buddies down at the sheriff's department don't mind taking some time out of thier busy day to make sure i don't hang around places that serve alchohol.the wierd thing is,i don't mind.bar's are boring,like most drug's,and really repetitive,as far as i'm concerned.even though i love beer,it's impact on punk culture and in general is pretty minimal.being sober has it's good point's,and it hasn't really changed me that much.i have one more issue of real madness comic's to do,and that should be the last issue of the five issue series.it has a comic about doing too much speed,continued from the first issue,and then the conclusion of the abraham lincoln vs. adolf hitler comic.that would conclude my zines drawn in the rehab series.it was really cool having the opportunity to put out in there-it really kept me from going nut's.plus,i drew 3 mother's day card's,25 roses,6 portrait's(price:one fistful of tobacco each)and a tinkerbell.and i did the word's recovery and sobriety in graffiti writing on the mural in group room one.thank's to tim for mailing me the zines in there,and ian sundahl for the new issue of social discipline.plus,i'd like to thank big mike,my primary counciler,the clean street program,matt b,and everybody else that helped me be free from the shit i was in.i also read the coolest book about patti smith and robert mappelthorpe in there too.

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