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Well yesterday I thought I was gonna be all hard core and go donate some plasma so I could get my second issue of Gestalt and Pepper printed up. The printers I go to charge a booklet fee to scan it all, so I went ahead and scanned all 36 images and put them on a jump drive to bring to them, and save myself the $20 for the booklet fee, figured I could make $25 selling plasma and get at least 10 copies printed. Well to start off, they still had tocharge me the booklet fee, they said because each image was a separate file, not one huge one...so I was only able to pay for the booklet fee and one copy. Then I wasn't even able to sell plasma because my pulse was too high (110) so they had me wait 10 minutes and check again, then it was even higher (113) guess I need to lay off the caffiene! So I had to pay for printers out of my bank account, money I now need to replace for the internet bill. Argh. Not to mention, they still USED the images I can already scanned, so it doesn't look as nice as the previous issue, where they had scanned them for me. But they had to charge me the booklet fee anyways, cause they still had to lay everything out correctly.
Sooo....hopefully soon I can get some more money, replace the money I used from my bank account, and afford to get some copies made. I wanted to first send copies to everyone who had submitted to the zine. Hopefully within a week or so I can do that...I really don't want to outright charge for the zine, although donations of $$ and stamps right now would speed up the process! I really prefer zine trades and letters...so everyone will just have to be patient with me. I think I need to get a day job!
I'm actually quite disenchanted with the whole thing right now.

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Comment by Madrea Marie on August 7, 2009 at 6:23am
At University Copy in Gainesville, Fl. You mean about the booklet fee? I wonder if other places don't charge that? I can kinda understand why they do...it's 36 images, and I want it layed out on 11X17 paper, so they have to spend a lot of time laying it all out. I was really happy with them for the first issue.
Comment by Josh Blair on August 6, 2009 at 9:13am
Where do you have them printed? That sounds like a scam.

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