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I think I must be getting too old or something,but it seem's radical politic's just isn't what it used to be.It seem's that when people are really going out of thier way to make a point,it's like something got lost in the mix.They're earnest,shit,they could even be 100% correct,but it just seem's....I don't know,kind of hokey.Dated.Almost cute in it's ineffectiveness.Is being radical that silly?Has time just sort of passed the need for this by?Maybe it alway's looked silly,and I just didn't notice.It seem's these day's the effective political movement's are more about bridging gap's and promoting communication than yelling about our differences.Most of the current political problem's are economic anyway.Not to downplay problem's and disparity due to gender and race-these are huge factor's in the worldwide oppression of people.But when people toss out generalities about complex issues-it's just-kind of cute.It bring's everything back 10 or 20 year's.Like,yeah,I mean,I wish they were right.That would be great if thing's were that simple,if you could point at one group and say,"Yep,it's THIER fault."That would make the whole mess alot easier.Race,in general,is getting pretty played out-on both sides of the spectrum.The politically correct,patronizing viewpoint,for all it's worth,is definitely unrealistic and sort of clunky,to be honest.It's great when people are proud of thier ancestry,but it's also a muddled too easy identity that doesn't impress too many people after graduation.And using race in general to define someone comes off pretty flat-like,you definitely should give some more detail's about yourself,your movement,whatever your pushing.I just don't think it really mean's what it used to anymore-it's not that good of a definition of who you are as a person.Gender seem's to be going that way too,and eventually,nobody will care about that either.Pushing politic's to the extreme,there's a certain separation from reality that you see people doing,to make thier point.By the time everything's said and done,radical left winger's have more in common with radical right winger's than they do with just normal citizen's,of any race color or creed.The separatist politic's,the slogan's,the close mindedness and their whole identity,basically seem's like flip sides of the same coin:extremism as a vice.So your average politically correct feminist protester has more in common with a tea party anti-Obama protester than they do someone of any gender or skin color living thier life.

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