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Dealing With Obesity And Depression

Being Sad Is Normal
Being Depressed Is Not

* Some people do not understand what it feels like to feel so sad and scared.

* The fear of being so lost is making you want hide from the world.

* People who know you do not know that you have already given up the fight.

* You think the only way out of depression is to escape, or die.

* When people say “I know how you feel,” it confuses you and you sink deeper.

* Sometimes when someone tries to bring you out of it, it makes you worse.

* You feel a sense of worthlessness and insecurity.

* Depression eats at your soul and distorts your thinking.

* You never know when depression will hit you or what will trigger it.

* You forget that people truly love you and want to help you.

To The Friends & Loved Ones

* Depression is more common than most people think.

* No one can be forced out of depression, it dwells too   deep within.

* No one will survive depression on their own treatment.

* Do not let anyone who suffers from depression suffer alone.

* No matter what the person tells you, don't leave until your sure of their safety. Suicide is a very real escape.

* Modern medicine is amazingly affective and widely available through county and state programs.

Good Books On Dealing With Obesity & Emotions

Fat Politics: The Real Story behind America's Obesity Epidemic
by J. Eric Oliver. 228 pgs.

Overweight Teenagers: Don't Bear the Burden Alone
by Michael D. Lebow. 250 pgs

The Overweight Patient: A Psychological Approach to Understanding and Working with Obesity
by Kathy Leach. 269 pgs.

*If you want to know more about Obesity and how to deal with it and the Depression that usually occupies it, I would suggest one of the books above!

-Rich Monday

Graphic Art by Rich Monday © 2014
Photo Permission by Linda Reader. All Rights Reserved.

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