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copyright infringement,a.k.a.stealing-a zine""staple"

zine makers,possibly the most self righteous people on the planet,are always quick to jump down anybody and everybodys throat with incredibly vague,misdirected,elitest accusations of random bullshit,usually sexism,racism,homophobia,agoraphobia,eco-centrism,agiesm or animal cruelty.accusations of abuse,hatred of women,cats,barn owls,scenes,community,you name it.you cant just walk around todays modern ziney sceney saying crazy,harmful,strong worded shit,like,"my favorite color is red".that's like hating green and yellow,and only a fucking asshole would say anything even close to anything i think or do.as a matter of fact,lets face it-if your not down with the status quo and rockin the"house style",you might as well just go sell greeting cards on esty,because nobody wants to hear anything that might"rock the boat".the funniest thing about alot of these fucking zinebots is though,they're just faking the funk.they're zines aint shit,because all the art is fucking stolen anyways.all the anarcho punk photocollage garbage,i mean zines that you see clogging gutters everywhere,the actual artists are rarely if ever given any credit whatsoever.people,and even zine makers,are always ripping off artists work and never giving them any credit.whats with that?why do people put out a zine and act all eco sabotage gblmft friendly on one hand,and then flat out steal someone elses work on the other?because fucking psychic vampires with no imagination are leeching energy off the scene that real artists started and worked up and struggled for.stealing comic panels and switching the words on them is theft.stealing r.cobb political cartoons is theft.stealing photos from the newspaper uncredited is also theft.yeah,people can make the argument that "well,the artist was well established and im just starting out,with a small print run".yeah,keep deluding yourself,you fucking liars.i could use the same rationale to steal some college kids car if i wanted to,and i have.but for reals,why do zine makers think they have the right to steal from every crappy cartoonist under the sun?its just another example about how bad and horrible zines are,and how the entire scene has gotten so big that a nuclear warhead should destroy the zine convention,killing all 11 people there.okay,maybe thats not the best solution,but something somewhere should make some motherfuckers notice that artists who draw get little credit anyfuck,much less from the underground-just because you got a zine doesnt mean you should just randomly steal any image you feel like without even putting any credit on the whole issue.of course,im probably wrong,so dont let me stop anybvody from putting out there stupid,self centered,unoriginal worthless zine that sucks and is boring despite the stolen,unnacredited art.it'll probably do better than the original version.just thank god(alanis morrisette)that my homemade nuclear warhead only has a range of 16 feet.

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