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well,zine-makers,zinebot's,zine readers and just plain folk-usually i use this blog to talk about incredible,earth shattering events like my new shirt or a neat story about a kooky band.but today there's something we,as homosexual's,must freak out about-and that is the horrible,sickening,tragic fucked up police brutality facing us in the face.i'm talking about portlands 479th death in police custody.the official report says the suspect ran and fell on 12 bullets,but that's just the media's lies.same with the guy who beat his head against the telephone pole till he died-or the mentally ill man who supposedly stole a tazer,and then beat himself up with six billyclubs.the cop's in portland need a solid message:that the mentally ill have the right to kill themselves before police get there.now,i know what your thinking-hey,bobby,your tough,you probably get beaten by the cops every day.well,that's true-i used to get tazered on purpose just to warm up in the winter.and i dont mind if the cops want to repeatedly shoot and maim me.but when they start shooting smart people,or really attractive white people,that's when we as a community of self centered crappy artists have to say "enough!".every american has the right to wave around a pistol spouting gibberish,high on drugs if he or she or he/she or them or thee and thine want to.just because your buying drugs and destroying property doesnt mean your a criminal.and the cops,or po-po,or fuzz or whatever need to stop messing with our inalienable right to free speech.our right to say "i smell bacon" when they ask us what's up is covered in the constitution.in a free country,we have the right to walk up to cop's and laugh in thier face and say "pft!good job,loser's!you stop crime like FEMA stops floods!".instead,these stinking coppers got us all quiet like a dead 21 year old fixie biker smashed under a garbage truck.we need to send them a message-not one of love,or hate,but a message of "hey-cool out on the killing".i mean,they've dusted more brother's than the kkk.they've built thier own graveyard,turning great dope spot's into killing fields for crack heads.and zine maker's and crack heads are practically one and the same0-whiny,emotional babies with out of control ego's,rationalizing stupid behavior while dressed in rags.that's why i propose that a zine artist go out once a month and goad the cop's into killing him or her once a month,in a show of solidarity with the also mentally ill homeless smelly war vets that are out there getting filled with so much lead they can use thier dick for a pencil.if you dont have the time to get killed,maybe you could get one of your friends killed.the important thing is that we realize cant we all get along and that i have a dream-not about getting laid,but a dream that we as a generation can someday sell drugs on the moon.we can do it,if we just try hard enough,stick together,have sex more,and read madness comics every single day.get out there and fuck shit up,cocksucking motherfuckers!i hate you,peace!

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