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I am currently putting together a new zine about 'community'. I want to know what you think. What is your vision for change? Is a strong, healthy community part of this? Why is this important to you? How do you think we could grow to have this? How could we make real your dreams of better worlds? Share your words and pictures and dreams with me!

feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions/ wanna chat about stuff/ flesh out ideas
i would like for submissions to be in by August 31. Thats two and a half weeks yep yep. let me know if your struggling with dates.
bandit love, mon/ max
(find me at venusveronaATgmailDOTcom)

A friend once said to me '“don't speak to me of community. I don't know what community you speak of'”.
I've been thinking a lot lately about the nature of 'community'. Within activist/ punk/ arty/ enviro crews we speak a lot about 'our community'. But i'm not sure what this really means. Does this mean that we work together to create change, to resist oppression, to support, nurture and heal each other? Do we build new economies based on exchange of skills and products? Do we create new ways to deal with the heavy parts of life, and not look to agents of the state (police, government institutions etc) or clinical psychiatry? Do we develop new systems of learning and skillshares about things that are relevent to us, our hearts and minds, and the ways in which we interact? Do we value the contribution and involvement of individuals over the final result? Do we allow others space when they need it? Do we practice consent within all of our relationships, and develop new forms of communication based upon mutual respect and trust? Do we share art and music and words that describe our troubles and our dreams, and break down the isolation that can exist between our bodies? Do we recognise and respond to others when they need help, whether they ask for it or not? Do we share grow, cook and share food together, sustaining our bodies and our health?

I feel that in many ways we flounder as a 'community'. The term is an easy catchword to use, it makes us feel good and warm and fuzzy and all that. It allows us to ignore the neglect of our friends, colleagues and neighbours. It allows us to ignore our own failings. But in reality, sharing space and doing actions and getting fez cuts and patches does not a community make.

I want for you to think about:
What is a community?
How has this been affected by Western society/ culture/ capitalism/ individualism?
What does it mean/ look like to build communities on indigenous land?
Why do we speak so much of “community”? Why is this important?
What could community look like? Feel like? Sound like?
Is a community a group of individuals? Based on location? Based on a common purpose?
How could this be created? Be developed? Germinate? Evolve?
How could a community be sustained and supported?
And be creative? Sustaining? Supportive?
Can you think of any 'communities' or community projects that strive towards this? Achieve this? Why/how?

Community of Resistance?
Community of Support?
Community of Change Agents?

Do we live this?
How are we succeeding?
How are we failing?
Is this making real our dreams of change?

I don't have the answers, but I reckon that we could figure them out together.

(find me at venusveronaATgmailDOTcom)

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