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ok, here are some reviews, by Amber of Fight Boredom/Culture Slut

Cheaptoys #4
Although the majority of this issue is written in French, Gizmo has used a few pages to practice his English. As it happens, I use his zine to practice my French. This issue is mostly typewritten and laid out cut and paste style. Giz writes about being vegan in France, which is a rarity, and cooking vegan meals for local show-goers. This made me happy because I actually just went to a show last week where the loft-dwellers cooked up an amazing vegan buffet - there needs to be more of this sort of activity! Yes, the meat-eaters in the crowd made obnoxious comments that they always think are so hilarious, but they admitted that the food was damn good too. He also writes about old friends and that awkward moment when you run into them in the street and you're not sure if you should stop and make conversation (which will inevitably be generic and boring) or just continue on, as well as "home tourism" - exploring the secret places in your own town, which he admits (much to my pleasure) was influenced by my zine, Fight Boredom. I need to give this one another read for full comprehension, but I think it's a pretty cool zine and Giz is super friendly.

Tea Time
Another zine from Giz! This one is a 24-hour zine all about one of my favourite things - tea! It's got a charming little drawing of a teabag on the cover and contains tiny stories about why he loves tea, what to drink when you're avoiding caffeine and a reminder that tea is meant to be shared. Here's to punk rock tea parties!

Cheap Toys #3 / Social Damage
This one is going to be difficult to review, not because I didn't like it or because I'm feeling uninspired to write, but because the zine is written almost entirely in French. As you may know, I've been studying French full-time for the past few months. Luckily for me, I now have some French zinesters in my life! All the better for my practice. Cheap Toys is a punk rock cut and paste zine compiled by Giz of Beausoleil, France. In this issue, Giz writes about the frustration with seeking out vegan food (a lifestyle that is apparently much less common in Europe than it is in North America) and his distaste of film photography (due to the use of gelatin), includes some recipes from his aunt's collection and writes many zine reviews, including one for my comp zine, Fight Boredom. I was pretty excited to see my first ever French review! The Social Damage half is mostly interviews with punk bands, album reviews and a short comic. I've included Giz's review of my zine below, for interest's sake:

but all of the blog is interesting : http://hello-amber.blogspot.com/

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Comment by Giz on February 24, 2010 at 7:24am
Here's a review of cheaptoys in spanish/english :

"domingo 14 de febrero de 2010
Cheap Toys # 4
Desde Francia,nos viene la nueva edicion de este zine que contiene entre otras cosas articulos de opinion,emails recibidos,puntos de vistas personales acerca de como el editor ve la vida,reseñas y recetas de comida vegan.Muy interesante este perzine (zine personal) con una diagramacion bastante vieja escuela con mucho fondo negro/blanco,el tipo de diseño de zines que me gusta mucho.Vale la pena hacerse de una copia de esta publicacion.Escrito en ingles y frances.
From France,the newest issue of this fanzine that have some mini columms,emails and how the editor see life,some reviews and a vegan recept.Very interesting this perzine (personal zine) with an old school layout in black/white,something that i like a lot on zines.Is really worth it get a copy of this publication.Writting in english and french.
Contacto/Contact : xtramedium@laposte.net"

it's fun because that guy also reviewed the Cheerleaders EP, wich are my friends.



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