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there are alot of zines out there with cats in them.violent fez,for instance.cats constantly appear in all kinds of zines.as cat stories and odes to cats,or props,or whatnot,appear again and again,it makes me wonder-are the cats in on it?are they doing it on purpose?is it an organized movement by the cats to let thier prescence be known to zine makers?coincidence may explain a few odd appearances in a few counter culture quarterly's (that means they come out three times a year in zine lingo),but to see cats of all colors and sizes appear again and again-its definitely organized.but by who?a super public relations cat?perhaps zine appearances are the only way cats can really reach out to the community.i mean,you try to hit up time or rolling stone for some exposure,especially if your a cat-pft!they'll throw you out of there so maximum rock and roll it'll punk your planet.plus,its hard for teenagers to get into shows that are good because of agieism,the system,sellout bars working for the man,and the fact that theyre broke,steal and fight.but how can a cat get in a show?he cant,dammit.maybe he can run in (if he doesnt get stepped on by some drunk jock),but then what?order a shot of milk from the bar (straight)?hell no!he/she doesnt have opposing thumbs.they wont give you a bowl for it-your a cat,man.think about it-its fucked up.now,i know a lot of people will give me shit for putting it on the line like this,but-well,actually,not people,but...well,im not going to say a certain species,but...well,you know who i mean(birds-there,i said it.kill me)alot of birds,and bird people will think im being speciesist,but its not true.cats rool-dogs drool.its been the word on the street since superman died.dogs are fucked up(dumb blonde[non-gender specific]voice)they need to go a way.they're at shows all the time,eating all the pizza crusts,encouraging sex,etc etc.dogs are like skinheads,and cats are like....uh....wiccan punk rockers,or some shit.but,really though,you go actually talk to a cat-no,really.hold on a conversation with a cat sometime.you both may be surprised,my friend.and hey-i wouldnt be the least bit surprised if both of ya' learned a thing or two either!so,hey,in closing,id like to say thanks for being such a great audience,nobody.im glad that this 6 hours is over.but remember-cats are cool.they're everywhere,they dont kill iraqui's,theyre not prejudiced,and so dont cat bash them,you redneck bastards!that fucking cat could be like the reincarnated spirit of some dope ass muh fuh.dont be a jerk,man.be nice to cats or ill fuck you up.oh,plus thanks to all the maniacs at the critter liberation front.thank goddess that you blow up,kill and destroy the serial abusive bastards who will rot in hell forever for the way they treat our animal brethren.burn,torture labs at universities and cities everywhere.the fur industry must be destroyed.fur is murder-eliminate perpetrators.alf forever.eichmann must die.

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