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I figure when your putting out a zine,you can at best hope to cover your cost's,and that's about it.You might be able to make a little change to cover the time you spent putting it together,but probably only if you price it really high.That will probably hinder distribution,so your going to end up with the same amount of a different problem.You could get it printed at a real print shop,but you'd have to print up ton's of copies and spend a bunch of money,which there is a slight possibility of recouping by the time they invent teleportal travel,but it's highly unlikely.Zines are,by and large,a money losing proposition-which is good,because it keeps those motivated by profit away,leaving room for people motivated by art,writing,poetry,and horror movies and skateboarding (which,by the way,is not a crime).You could maybe try to sell a page for ad's to cover cost's,which is cool.One thing I dig about that is when you see the zine later,you can see all the cool stores that used to be around back then but closed down-probably from making bad investment's,like advertising in zines.Theres a certain point though where art and commerce alway's run into each other,and it's a bad thing.Sometimes it work's out,but it's rarely succesful.What start's out as a symbiotic relationship turn's into a capitalist venture.The money chasing eat's the zine making,and the creativity fall's by the wayside.When your kicking out real art,time should be the least of your worries.Yeah,sure,it's good to keep the ball rolling,but if it's a chore to finish a page,it's reflected in the soul of the work.I do alot of sign work for bar's and restaraunt's,and sometimes it bum's me out to have to whore out my talent to such an obviously capitalist venture.If I know of a cool band,or a cause I believe in politically,I have no problem doing the art for free,or trade.The Drunken Boat split lp,for instance-and the art alway's look's better than the shit I do for money.I've heard the argument that what I do is craft,not art,and I believe theres some truth to that-I'd take it farther and say all art is craftwork.You see a great guitar player,or excellent seamstress or woodworker,and they are an artist.You can't really put a price on it.When I was a kid in New York,one of my heroes was Woody Guthrie.In the made for TV movie (starring David Carridine),he was a sign painter,and lost all his brushes jumping his first train.When I saw that,I decided I wanted to be a Sign Painter.I had a business painting sign's and car's up in Vermont with my ex-wife,but when computer's took over,we lost it.Now,it's making kind of a comeback,and people want hand painted sign's again,but I still feel like I should be doing anti-corporate graffiti,or underground comics.The sign's and mural's take up my talent and time,and instead of Crimpshrine benefit record cover's,I'm doing blues jam poster's for monday night (no cover!).I kid myself that it's all good,but I really wish I was losing my brushes,jumping on my first train.Be careful what you wish for.

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