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With Halloween having just passed I began thinking about superstitions and the silly things people do for fortune and good luck. I found myself making a wish this morning when my clock read 11:11 and I thought to myself..."I wonder how this supersition or tradition started?" I also found myself wondering how many other people out in the world make a wish at this time? So in thinking of these questions it stirred the creative parts

of my brain into thinking, "I should dedicate a zine to supersitions!"

I am seeking the help of everyone out there who is supersitious to create this zine. Please message me with your supersitions and the stories behind them. Please keep in mind though that I do not want to receive 100 messages of people telling me that they are superstitious about walking under ladders. I am looking more for unique and non-traditional superstions or traditions you may have.

Please send yr submissions to me via message on this website or to my email adrress riotgrrrlaz@hotmail.com

Deadline for submission is December 1, 2010.

Thank you all in advance for your creative genious!

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Comment by riotgrrrlaz on November 5, 2010 at 12:01pm
Great! Thank you Goldengen. How long do you expect your piece to be?
Comment by Goldengen on November 4, 2010 at 8:43pm
I love it!! Give me one or two weeks and my zine is going to be ready!
I have a good story that will be supersitious...


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