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Alot of cat's say I'm old school,but really,I'm just old.But I feel it's a good idea to relate my experiences that pertain to printing and art and shit,for fucking posterity,the record,zines of the future,and my primary counselor.I've alway's been enamored with printing.Comic's and printed art were all I ever wanted to look at.Marvel Comic's,the Whole Earth Catalog,and underground comic's were all I ever read during my youth as a rotten hippy child.I studied Zap and S.Clay Wilson,and even the Farmer's Almanac and Benjamin Franklin,who was a print making motherfucker,albiet a boring dude.For some reason,the only art I've ever been interested in has been reproduced.I loved screen printing,and linolium cut's in art class-yeah,I know,this is probably too exciting for most of you to handle,but I'll keep typing.Sit down with Grandpa Punk loser,crank up some Dead Boy's,and pretend to care for a second.I just always wanted to print shit up.So when I was in school,they used to push all the greaseball's into vocational school,since,obviously,they weren't going to graduate magna cum laude from Princeton.Well,it was so long ago (I'm old),that they actually trained you to use a California Job Box!People actually were still setting thier own type back then,in the 70's.They had one of those hand printer's you spread the ink on the round flat thing,like they have at the IPRC over Reading Frenzy.So,I trained on that,but it was too square-I wanted to make comic's,so I went to the Ditto Machine-the kind where you make a carbon copy that print's in light blue,with a really smelly chemical.The teacher's in 5th grade would let me run off comic's on them sometimes.By the late 70's,though,copy machines were easier to come by,so I started doing stuff on those.I got into mail art,but most of it was too wacked out for me-I'm a cartoonist,not an artist!I used to score alot of cool silk screen job's though,and even helped a t-shirt shop rip off some logo's (Ghostbusters!),until they got popped by the FBI.For awhile I studied handwriting,and was helping doper's forge check's for drug's.I was a master,and thought someday I could use my talent for something good,like counterfieting.Instead,I just forged autographed record album's and book's,and sold them to 2nd hand stores,till a guy at Cody's book's caught one and blacklisted me.Doing graffiti was my thing,mostly on industrial spot's,and sign's.But then I got a few break's from Aaron,who had a Kinko's job,and got into printing shit again.Wow Cool was selling wierd comic's and zines in the back of Comic Relief,and Dylan worked there too.They helped me get started printing shit,and getting my art out.That's the story of my art,and how now I'm a highly successful zine artist that bring's in almost 100 dollar's a month!It took alot of perserverence,time and effort,and honestly if I spent that long at anything else,I'd be a better person.But I'll tell you what-if someone tell's you your zine isn't good enough or cool enough for thier table-switch career's.Don't waste your life like Bobby Madness.

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Comment by bobby madness on November 20, 2012 at 9:26pm

The box mentioned above was a wooden box,about an inch deep and approxiamitely 2 by 3 feet.It had divider's and held all the metal letter's that were used for typesetting-i.e. putting the text to be printed into a frame,letter by letter,backwards,to be printed.I doubt if people use them very much any more,but I could be wrong.I usually am.


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