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man,i hate to say it,but i'm glad i got a distributor.i mean,shit,i wish i was all grass roots and dirty socks,pushin' my shit on tour,but,you know,i've like opted out for someone(i dont know exactly who,i assume he/she is cool)to,like,sell my shit here and abroad,so they can help  get the message out,that,like,madness is a cool artist,and,he should do your album cover,because he's cool.i mean,i feel like a sellout and shit,for real,coz i'm not out there kicking ass like joey ramone,on the other hand,joey's dead,and its a dog eat cat world out there.like,tower is hiss,and everybody and their cousin has a zine.having a zine is the steampunk version of facebook-xerox a blown up photo,hand letter it,and BOOM,your tim yo.thats a good thing,but i'm just saying competition is tough,if not dee4p.so,the longer i can spend on a page the better.ands,the quicker i can get that page to the reading public at large,the better.if some cat has the time and energy to print my shit and bring my unique outlook to the public,the better.more power to him/her.thank god(alannis morrisette) you helped mne out.otherwise,i would have thought i was alone in this world,draqwing my stupid shit while nobody cared.instead,you distributed me!i was worth it.i'm glad i sacrificed all that time putting 2 to 4 hours into a page,knowing some cat will send it off,and some other motherfucker will read it!its an adrenaline rush,and it makes me feel truly blessed;just to know i can do something people can appreciate and not cr4itisize-making fucking zines.people critisize my ee cummings grammatics but really,i just love fucked up kurt vonnegut richard braughtigan aaron cometybus style timeless punk rock zine making and writing-its not easy.try it-its like harmonica playing-sure,you can fake it,and make up for lack of skill with effort,but really,do you really want to ace the art form?is it a hobby,or a career?because a lot of cats have been waiting around to get their shit out.oh well-i'm just bullshitting.but it's a pertinent question-are you shooting for local,or national?selling out or selling?believe me,thesew are questions true artists,from green day to michealangelo face everyday.zines,true to form,are not a stepping stone for all-to some its an inexscapable ghetto-and if that is the truth-it sounds like my publishers problem!hey-its better than sittin' at kinko's all noche'!!just fuckin'witch'all.its bobby mad-peace out to wow cool,last gasp,microcosm and especially we make zines,because,i make zines.

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