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Bobby Madness,King of Punk Rock Cartooning

Well,Real Madness Comic's 5 just came out,and it's the last issue of the 5 issue comic/zine series for Tim @ Teenage Dinosaur.I was just down at the tail end of The Projects 2,and I'm proud to say I sold one copy!It took a lot of time to finish-I started it in the rehab.Tim snuck me in a bunch of brushes and art supplies,and I had to wake up at 3 am to draw,before my 8:00 meditation class.I hid it from everybody,so it wouldnt get confiscated due to violent content,like happened to other peoples art.Issue 5 ties up the autobiographical piece I started in Real Madness #1,"Fuck That Shit",which detail's my yearlong journey to get off crystal meth while I was working as a dishwasher at Montage',the reataraunt under the Morrison Street bridge.It also has the final installment of the Adolf Hitler vs. Abraham Lincoln comic.This is my interpretation of the I Ching,with good and evil forces represented equally.It's also my second comic using meditation as a plot device (the first one being TOO SMALL COMICs #2).Why do I bring this up?Well,it's obvious-it's because I'm a pioneer in great underground comic's,and that need's to be recognized more often.I'm a world famous cartoonist-theres no denying it-the R.Crumb of our generation,only better than that hippy.Yet somehow,when I look at my shit,I'm dissapointed.It look's handmade-not having that slick,art school patina I see in other comic's.I'm self taught,and it's glaringly obvious to me that that's why I'm not as successful as my peer's.Then again,that's part of the unique charm I bring to comic's.I'm a genius-Dylan said so in his interview in The Comics Urinal-I mean Journal.Remember when Reading Frenzy was in The Rexall Rose up on Alberta Street,and Chloe was selling zines out of there?No?Well I do.So there,I have street credibility,just by the simple fact that I'm that old.And what's the point of this egotistical,name-dropping diatribe?It should be obvious by now-I'm begging you to buy Real Madness Comic's #1 through #5,a great series of zines put out by Teenage Dinosaur,goddamnit.Then you can see what all the hype is all about.The last issue end's precisely where the first one begin's.They're awesome,and worth the 5 buck's.Also,I have a running strip in the controversial PORK free paper.Before I go,though,I got to give a shout out to Big Joe,Reo,Swatch and Kika,Ruben the Cuban.Lenny and Marko,Chris Marker and The Sik Fux.Plus thank's to Tim Goodyear,Anne Skank,Miley Ray Virus and Vapid-you ROCK!Peace.

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