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Biological Attacks at Zine Conventions

you dont have to be in a band,or some kind of crazy artist to make a zine,but you know,it really helps!alot of crazy shit has happened lately-a black president,right wing assassinations,mexicos drug war,unions getting smashed-the list goes on and on.it impacts all of us-unless your so greedy and self centered that you dont notice or care about these things.i guess if you can afford yourself a protective little middle class bubble,where the biggest problems are the ones facing you and your friends.thats why most of the zines you see are about as challenging as a high school yearbook.i mean,do people really look at the world outside thier door,and not see how fucked up it is for some people?do these people really think its worth hijacking a media platform like zines,and using it to bore everybody to death with incessant crappy stories about thier stupid boyfriends,thier favorite color,thier cat,their preference in music,thier dumb parents,thier shitty distro?its fucking pathetic,and it makes me want to bomb the zine convention.nobody cares about this shit.20 years from now,these crappy zines will be gone.it wont have any impact on anything-because it has no content.the audience just wasnt taken into consideration.i mean,if you have 20,25 pages,and pretty much they are all about you,that just seems really boring and self serving.i mean,its like 50 people got killed in wars that day.basically,what it says is that youre so far removed from that,that its completely unimportant to you,and your assuming no one else wants to hear about something silly,like rape,war,terrorism,or facistic elements here and abroad.its so vanilla-its like facebook or something.its not risky.its zine lite-its generic.and the perpetrators are so self righteous,no one can tell them how stupid they sound.theyre so far up theyre own ass,so to speak,that any constructive criticism is squashed.bouyed by this transparent "emporer has no clothes" mentality,they surround themselves with other writers and artists who also suck and dont know what theyre doing.soon,a vortex of suckiness starts,sucking in good zines and censoring them and boring everybody.soon everything is ruined.all because katie crazy and mary scary had to spend 87 zines dissing thier ex boyfriend.theres no hope-the whole world needs to be destroyed so we can start over.everyone needs to be killed,possibly through a biological attack.i cant do that though-my girlfriend would freak out,and i promised her i'd mellow out and not try to destroy the world through a biological attack.so,here i am,stuck writing a blog-a totally lame blog,by the way.wait a second-am i one of those crappy zinesters i mentioned earlier?i guess i am.wow.i really didnt expect that.well,at least i can 

see that in myself,and move on.can you?i guess thats all im asking for here-a slight nod to the real world,a minor admission in the midst of all the whining that life,although bad,isnt as bad as bad zines badly portray it to be.

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