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So I've got the first issue of my children's literature zine done. The first issue is devoted to Diana Wynne Jones. There was a lot more I wanted to say on the topic, but it just kept growing and growing, so I cut it short at 60 pages, and I'll probably do another DWJ zine in the winter. (The next issue of this zine is about Oliver Postgate). Thank you to the contributors.
Printed with environmentally friendly purple soy ink on recycled cream paper. 60 pages measuring roughly 15cm/6" square with spot illustrations.
£2.75 + postage

How I started reading Diana Wynne Jones
Tick off as you read Bibliography
Interview with Diana
Diana Wynne Jones and the Curse of the Terrible Cover Art
Things reading Diana's books has taught me
My Favourite: Fire & Hemlock
My Favourite: the Ogre Downstairs
My Favourite: the Homeward Bounders by Kyra Jucovy
My Favourite: Howl's Moving Castle by Eden Burnham
My Favourite: Witch Week by Hannah of Not Lonely zine
Witch Week as the Anti-Harry Potter
Adult Villains
Review of Farah Mendlesohn's book
Tick off version of Polly's reading list
The ending of Fire & Hemlock
Being Editors #1-Diana Wynne Jones
Being Editors #1-Diana Wynne Jones
Being Editors #1-Diana Wynne Jones
Being Editors #1-Diana Wynne Jones
Being Editors #1-Diana Wynne Jones

If you just want to order one copy, you can use the buttons below. If you want more than one, or would like to order some different zines or prints as well, you'd be better off using my etsy shop, because you get flat rate postage on ordering multiple items there.
UK- £2.75 + 75p postage = £3.50

Europe/Russia & ex-USSR/Turkey (Ireland comes under this category these days)= £2.75 + £1.50 postage= £4.25 (roughly €5 or $7 USD)
US/Canada/Australia/NZ/SA/Anywhere else=£2.75 + £2 postage = £4.75 (roughly $7.50 USD)

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