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Because I'm a tragically unloved teenage girl.

Evenin' Britain. I was going to take advantage of my free-evening tonight; I thought I would try and record a new youtube video, but I found out that I either sing too quietly or too loudly (the latter is not worth talking about). So, i've done my french homework; and know I'm going to force-feed you my infatuations. ENJOY!

Jarvis Cocker: Yes, he's only a year younger than my own mother, but he's the epitome of suave and cool. Not to mention my fetish for bearded northerners.

I myself am a particular fan of his current bearded look. I know, I am destined for a restraining order.

Elijah Wood: This is my shallow indulgence. But everytime I watch The Oxford Murders I get an overwhelming urge to play squash and solve theorums.

Again, I like it beardy.

^^That's just wrong.

Russell Howard: Yeah, he's becoming a-bit-mainstream, but he makes me laugh like a nun in a vineyard. 'Nuff said.

^^Oh, and I met him.^^ He was simply lovely :)

Sir Morrissey: It's Morrissey. I idolise him, along with thousands others. It's hard not to have strong feelings for the man. I also happen to think that he was bloody sexy! (emphasis on the word was please note!)

Oh no Steven, I bow to you!

The Beatles: Again, what do you want me to say? Paul McCartney was my first love, and I have "been through", so to say, all of them in my time! (even had a bit of a Ringo phase. That didn't last.)

(enter shameful pun here: I want to hold their hands/ I love them yeah yeah yeah/ These boys took my love away et cetera)

nefrfrng :)

Bob Dylan: I admit, he doesn't deserve to be included in such a shallow blog. I'll just leave you with this picture:

And now, for the ultimate God of everything. Everything, just everything that I look for in everybody. I want to be him and have him at the same time. Ladies and Gentlemen; Johnny Marr. *faints*

Alex Kapranos: I love (and lust) him for a number of reasons. He saved 21st Century music and sent it on it's way. He's Northern, with a hint of the highlands. He's oh so intelligent. He tucks his shirt in. He's oh so arty

Well, I think you get the general idea. There are plenty more where that came from. I keep them in my cupboard. Yeah, tonight I shall have Dick and Dom. At the same time.

Over and out. x

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