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I don't usually bring up local stuff,since I live in a small town no ones ever heard of-the Schenectady of the west coast-but today is different.Today,I'm pining over the loss of The Bad Apple,the coolest/crappiest store since As Seen On TV.For those of you who don't know (everybody),it was located in possibly the worst place to open a store,the meth soaked white trash haven of Foster Blvd-a section of town famous for hit & run's,whose chief export is Jail resident's.In it's heyday,there was a comic shop next door that also served coffee,which seem's like a good idea,but really it wasn't-you'd have to be batshit to have a store like that!Which is fitting,since it was named after batshit.The Bad Apple sold used book's,horror and wierd dvd's,curio's,trinket's,tchokte's,and a circular saw,plus home-made t-shirt's.It was usually closed due to molasses.D worked there,and was pretty grouchy,sitting around listening to interviews of comic artist's on the radio,which I didn't even know existed.I heard that he just sat around doing comic order's all day for his comic company,so they just moved the company down there with him in it.I guess it don't matter now because the place is wormfood-that street suck's for any kind of business,except the biker bar and the plumbing supply place.I put a bunch of art and shit in there,and D noticed that all the hood's gravitated towards it.I thought that was funny,and took it as kind of a compliment,really.T had organized a monday night drawing group,that was filled with all kind's of psycho's and nut-bag's.There was no telling who would show up-there was alway's beer,pot,human blood,daycare,AA literature,satanism-really just a bunch of guy's doing the best comic art they could,which doesn't really count for much.It was a great place to draw comic's though and share idea's-sort of like the Art Therapy program at the Elmira Psychiatric Institution,only with more networking and better chemical's.I'll sure miss that fucking dump.It was a great place to go shoot the shit with guy's that know their comic's and zines,but not much else.They even had this famous punk photographer cat come in,and he put up all these devastatingly awesome killer photo's of The Germ's,Black Flag,and best of all,45 Grave on the wall to sell.It was so awesomely cool and/or groovy that I knew it would never last.The only thing that stick's around in that neighborhood is ghost bikes.An outpost of real outsider art,crushed by commerce and the wheel's of time-I'd curse God,but she had no place at Bad Apple.I hope they put a Taco Bell there.

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