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Dear People Who Give A Fuck About My Projects:

Thank You!

My life has been taking lots of unexpected turns with family type things that have been incredibly hard to deal with and stay sane and high functioning. Since I always hope my projects are collaborative in nature I feel like a giant douche not keeping people in the loop. I have gotten emails asking what is happening with these two projects so I wanted to write a formal update for everyone who actually cares. And the fact that there are people who actually care is amazing and incredible and thank you.


The majority of the content for AW #3 is complete. I am editing some essays, finishing up some interviews, creating a few comedic feminist horror quizzes and crosswords, etc. Rachael Deacon (whose work can be seen and purchased at rdeacon.etsy.com) is doing amazing illustration work for this issue. Rachael is hard at work right now doing some very amazing work for the issue as I get the content and interviews all finished. Once I have all of those things together I will begin the cut n' paste part (my favorite). If you are involved with the new issue in one way or another and haven't heard from me, please forgive me. I'm learning a lot about organization and management and yes, iv been behind. I apologize. You will all be hearing from me very soon.

The new deadline is Sept 15th. When have you known me not to go through at least 4 deadlines before sticking to one? I like this date better anyway because it is the one year anniversary of when I finished and photocopied Toxic Shock Girldom #1: Grit! Spit! Cum! Glitter! in Halifax, NS. So, that makes it feel like a date i'd really like to stick too. Also, the wonderful thing about 'zines is you go at your own pace. Ax Wound is my fuckin' monsterchild and I want this new issue to be as awesome as possible. I want to really show how amazing women are in the horror industry and all the fascinating things people are doing in various creative mediums to further the advancement of women in the horror industry.

Once the issue is officially out and on sale and in the mail I will launch Ax Wound Radio. That very first episode will be the "release party" of the issue. It will feature people published/interviewed/part of Ax Wound #3 reading and talking about the content and films and issues brought up.

Also, once this issue is out I am hoping to pay more attention to the website and finding ways the not let years go in between issues. Regardless,

Thank you so much for understanding this is a slow process. A process that is incredible and meaningful and frustrating and awesome.


The last episode was #15: The Open Mic Episode. The show is on break right now. I cannot realistically focus on getting AX WOUND out if I am planning and doing radio shows. My ADD likes to trick me into thinking I can take on the world and do a million projects at once and say yes to every interview, project collaboration, etc But my desire is bigger then hours in a day/my capabilities. So, as someone who has incredibly bad ADD I am forcing myself to only do one project at a time, otherwise you know what? NOTHING will ever be done and/or done well. So my plan:
Once the new issue of Ax Wound comes out and the release party radio episode is complete and i have a solid plan for axwoundzine.com I will switch gears and throw all my energy into ZINECORE RADIO. I will build the website, get all the bios up, show descriptions, nice design, etc I can say I have some VERY exciting zine guests lined up and show ideas that i'm dying to do. I don't want to jinx and/or give away who the upcoming guests are but they are very awesome. And if you want to be a guest on the show please get in touch when I start the episodes back up again. Or send an email to me now and ill keep it till i'm done with AW. I plan to create a solid mission statement for ZINECORE on the website as well and put out the show on CD's with a ZINECORE RADIO ZINE inside. yes, that is right..A Zinecore radio zine. The zine will have the story behind creaing the show, writing by people on the show, notes on my thoughts from various episodes, and other shit that pops in my head when I get to that project.


*Once both of the above projects are complete I will put out SHITFUCKED: A VILE LOVE STORY, Toxic Shock Girldom #2, and some various artistic and feminist video porn projects.

*MFA at Goddard in 2010

Hearts & Butcher Knives,
Hannah Neurotica

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Comment by Hannah Neurotica on August 1, 2009 at 9:16pm
aww, thank you baby. ;) i feel the same about you! xo

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