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I've been doing art.   All kinds of changes going on and the art still keeps going.   So the other day I finally find the first two issues of Phaugy Dox and look through them and I still like them.

It's pushed me to do a third which I had no idea that I would do.  After the first two I didn't know if I wanted to do a third.   It just seemed to stall after the second one was done.  

I now have access to a printer, but I need ink so that means I need to sell some art.   In that general direction I've put up an art page to see how many people in the world will find and then like my art.   I've spent the last few years, oh hell, I've spent so many years doing the hit and miss dance with making art and finding people who actually want to buy it, that it's just part of the way the world is for me.

Jobs other than ones connected to art are hard to find, so it's a perfect time to figure out how to make a living from my art.   Me and a throng of other artists all trying to do the same thing because all of us just want to do the one thing we love and be able to eat and have time and energy to do the thing we love.   

It's a sad reality that art is looked upon as having a very narrow value and even more sad when the artist doing the art is looked upon as being nuts or crazy or what ever other mentally unstable label that can be slapped on the artist.   I've never ever heard anyone say to a doctor or even to a brick layer,  " Well, a hobby is nice, but you need to get a real job because your never going to make any money doing that".    Being an artist and doing art is worth just as much as any other profession.    I wish the rest of the world got this.  The artists do, but the rest of the people out there.  It's frustrating beyond words.   

I may just go up to a doctor and say that to them and see what they say.    Just to see that look, I'd do it....now all I have to do is find a doctor.....

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