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"Why is what's happening to Planned Parenthood not affecting you more? It's not just happening to an organization but it's going to change shit for everyone. Stop thinking it's just about whether or not abortions are bad because that is not what is happening, no matter what FOX News might be telling you. This is about affordable health care as well as your Fucking Rights, man. Don't you give a shit about your freedoms? It's not just a fight for women, this isn't a feminist thing (though it is majorly Fuckin' shit up for women) It's not costing people to stay open, it's not harming a damn thing (in fact it helps millions) Why the fuck don't you care? Why don't you care? Your apathy hurts my feelings."


I wrote this as a post to my apathetic friends. No one wants to get into it. When they do they only spew Fox News regurgitation and anti-abortion shit with absolutely nothing to back any of it up. Someone told them this so they feel this is the right thing to say too.

This makes me frustrated, sad, aware, and makes me want to go out and start screaming and knocking out old ladies waving pictures of aborted fetuses and the Mother Mary at people walking into clinics because they need care.

One day, a few months back, I posted my opposition about cutting the funding to Planned Parenthood on my senator's facebook page. I then got called a "Rapist Enabler" by someone I do not know.

I don't get passionate about much these days, but Planned Parenthood is one of the things that can get me going. The only problem is that I get so worked up and can't organize my thoughts enough to have a good come back in an argument or know what to do about it. I seem to just miss any sort of rally or organization that happens. Mostly because I am the only person I know that give a shit.

What should I do?


Thanks for reading this while I vented.



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Comment by Laura Lane on August 10, 2011 at 11:56pm

I find this really ironic that I just read this now after sending your package off today in which I rant about how absolutely fucking horrible it is that theyre cutting Planned Parenthood. This decision is censorship over awareness- they're attempting to move back into darker ages and we can't let it happen without a fight or voice,.

Comment by Danyel o-bLeTe Payne on June 24, 2011 at 8:01pm
this shit also infuriates me!
Comment by Danyel o-bLeTe Payne on June 24, 2011 at 8:01pm
i guess best thing to do is look into planned parenthood check out their site and get knowledgable on the things that they do besides abortion and the importance of it. and stories from women that they've helped. and stress the importance that its the right of the women to choose what she does with her body. not politicians and not a wacko minority. Its sexual ignorance that causes violence and sexual abuse.

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