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The Joey Torrey Story

My name is Joey Torrey, former pugilist and enforcer. I am in need of representation to tell this remarkable story. I've been requesting to the Department of Justice for a criminal investigation delving into Operation Matchbook, a federally funded government investigation focused on organized crime and fixing prizefights. This covert operation ran from the gold shores of Costa Rica's crime establishments to the boiler rooms of New Yourk City's Little Italy, originating from the casinos in Las Vegas. Said operation was fully controlled by the Nevada U.S. Attorney Bogden, who has recently been fired for not prosecuting this covert operation: for all roads lead back to Washington, D.C. and one senator John McCain. For two years I spearheaded the above

entitled cause under the code name of "Cross".

I did ALL that was requested of me by the FBI. Yet, i have been betrayed and abandoned by the government, left in this quagmire of deception perpretrated by the FBI and one rogue U.S. Attorney. I currently sit in a California State Prison cell with no crime having been committed. In 1979, I plea-bargained and was sentenced to five years in the California Youth Authority. With the passing of new laws, I was returned back to court and not allowed to withdraw my plea agreement and was subsequently re-sentenced to a term of 25-Years-to-Life. I then went on to serve 25 years in this country's most violent prisons. Then in 2001, after years of studying law, I found an obscure "Writ of Corum Nobis", which challenged the original plea agreement of five years in the CYA.

was successful and released in 2002 on appeal bond set by Baseball's hall of Famer Paul Molitor. My sentence was VACATED. I was then offered a four-fight contract by Bob Arum to return to the boxing ring. Shortly after signing the contract, I was approached and bamboozled by the FBI to "clean up boxing." In exchange, i would be preventing young kids from being abused in the boxing ring, and I would remain free with the pending appeal dismissed. Yet I now sit in this cell serving Life all over again. the FBI has been negligent by not informing the California Department of Corrections of my informant status. They have also been malicious by not protecting me upon my return to custody. While I was housed in the Los Angeles County Jail I called my FBI Handler pleading for protection. My request was never answered and subsequently I was stabbed in the neck. Literally. The FBI is fully aware that I am marked for death for assisting in their investigation but refuse to protect me to date.

I have been left to twist in the wind with no umbrella of protection. Instead i am made out to be a liar and out-of-control hit man by the FBI. This was based on the facts, which have been brought to the world's media by the firing of the Las vegas, Nevada U.S. Attorney bogden. It is also convenient to defame me so that neither the prosecution nor the defense are able to use me in any further litigation. I proved that my fight was fixed along with numerous other prizefighters on audio and visual surveillance. I also used my reputation in the organized crime family and the boxing community to plant an agent deep into the inner most sanctuary of boxing's courrupt world, posing as my mob cousing "Big Frankie," from New Yourk's Gambino Crime Family (Please see: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/1451993/...). I reiterate that ALL that was asked of me was fully completed and nothing was lost in translation. As the FBI pulled my strings, dangling freedom in front of me, I danced like a marionette. Then, after securing the implementation of said agent into the boxing fold, I was deemed expendable and cast aside. Yet I was kept under contract and paid well over six figures until their ultimate betrayal and my return to this living hell, not knowing when I will be killed.

Please take the time to peruse all of the facts. I send you this query in the hopes that your schedule will allow you to review and then respond to my quest in having my remarkable story published and/or produced. After a long and arduous journey, my memoir has been released. A 350 page manuscript was made into a shortened 65 page zine (http://syndicatedzinereviews.blogspot.com/2008/11/reviews-from-eric...). Ergo a synopsis from Sen. John McCain's vow to "clean up boxing" buy using me, to football legend Emmitt Smith, organized crime, to the hot sandy beaches of Costa Rica's off-shore gambling establishments, and much more. But even Stevie Wonder could see that something is very wrong with this picture. You can review the government's subterfuge by Googling @ Boxer Joey Torrey. Possibly then yhou will ponder why I am back in prison with no crime committed and no protection. I read bogus articles with quotes from my parents who have been deceased for decades? Sen. John McCain was fixated on using me. I bargained my life and freedom based on a promise of that freedom. I kept my part of the deal per contractual agreement.

To produce and/or publish Bamboozled, would financially benefit your firm, expose the FBI, and guarantee my personal freedom. I ask of you to pleace consider my proposal to SELL, and then TELL, my story. all this while understanding the facts: How the FBI used the world's media to delibertatly discredit me and cover up for Sen. McCain being forced to return moneies to Bob Arum Promotions. This was the very company being investigated by the FBI at the time for "fixed fights." Bob Arum's Top Rank Promotions wsas also the organziation that Sen. McCain vowed to indict yers earlier in order to successfully pass his own "boxing bill." My story is hot! But not one publisher and/or producton company will deal with me without representation.

Fuggettaboutit! The bottom line is that Bamboozled is a must read that is worth your attention. I met with Morgan Freeman and Matt Dillon at the Tyson vs. Lewis fight in Memphis. both were interested in having my story come to fruition. We just did not know at that time if I was to go on and fight for a title, or be returned back to prison once again to serve life? Sadly, the latter transpired and here I sit reaching out to you. In closing, I thank you for your time, and I will await your response with great hope and anticipation. But if your schedual inhibits you to assist me, then possibly you will be as kind to direct me down the proper avenue that I should take. What a story it is my friend, what a story.

Until the final bell,
Joey Torrey
P.O. Box 409040, B10-150L
Ione, CA 95640-9040

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