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Animal Train (kid's poem) / looking for illustrator

The barnyard animals looked forward each day
to seeing the speeding 12:05 train.
They'd gather at the fence and watch through the slats
the monster machine snaking past.
Their eyes would first spot the cloud of smoke.
Then turn to watch each car go.
Then turn to catch the trailing caboose
bounce about till it was lost.
Nothing left but the catching up sound
that would first roar up and then go down.

One of the animals, I don't know which one,
said, "Hey everybody, let's play train.
We can each be a different car
and chug-chug all over the yard!"
They all agreed that it sounded like fun
and gathered together to form a line.

Horse said, "I'll be the engine at the start."
Then both pigs said they'd be the coal car.
"We love to wallow in mud so black!"
So side by side they got behind horse.
Next in line, 3 cows in a row,
and behind that herd the bearded goat,
and behind the nanny the dog at the end
with the duck riding on top of him.
Each 'car' but horse, bit the tail ahead
and connected up to one ANIMAL TRAIN.

Then horse neighed and they began.
"Buck! Buck!" said chicken, the station master
as he watched the train go faster and faster.
They crossed the yard, the corral, the fence.
And out in the field and back again.

Then duck jumped off and gave a big "Quack!"
The horse stopped, followed by the rest:
pigs, cows, goat, then dog,
All came to a grinding halt,
and gave out noises, laughed, and then...
when the laughing stopped, they looked around
and someone yelled, I don't know which one,
but SOMEONE yelled, "Let's do it again!"

(Note, I need an illustrator. Would you like to illustrate this story
with some B/W drawings? No pay but I could print it as a Musea issue.
Let me hear from you.)

Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 17 year old zine Musea)

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