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All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues - NEW ZINE

Step right up to ride the 68-page rollercoaster tale of how my mom did her best to ensure I would grow up neurotic and ashamed of my own existence! Part trip down memory lane, part perzine, and part spelunking adventure into the depths of my mom’s tortured psyche, All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues is weird, tragic, sad, and strange. Just like my bipolar, alcoholic mother! This zine is like shining a flashlight into the dark, monster-infested corners of my childhood and features exciting things like:

  • pain!
  • suffering!
  • itchy scalp!
  • the musical stylings of the early-to-mid 90s!
  • lawyers!
  • mental illness!
  • rolling waves of nausea!
  • illustrations by the wonderfully warped Heather Kelly, making their zine debut!
  • domestic violence!
  • healthy food!
  • death!

All that (and more) wrapped up in delightful hand-screened cardstock covers and delivered lovingly to your door for $4! That’s right, for less dough than a satisfying run to Taco Bell you can get 68 pages of the childhood trauma that turned me into a quivering lump of feelings, for you to experience from a safe distance while you ride the train or sit on the toilet or kick back with some tea and revel in how normal you feel. Not only will this zine improve your self-esteem (making you irresistible to dudes and lady-dudes alike), the entire amount of your purchase will go into my bank account, where it will keep me from an agonizing death by starvation! It’s community service, entertaining literature, and fine art all in one. Reading this zine is basically on par with knitting sweaters for orphans whilst watching a production of Shakespeare, only without the hassle of yarn or archaic speech patterns! Wowza!

Want to buy it and watch your sex appeal skyrocket? Just drop a message in my inbox and I will fall all over myself rushing a copy to your residence or place of business immediately.

(Did I mention the silver-on-black silkscreened covers are a limited edition? That’s right, only 75 were made, and over half are GONE already! Jump on it if you want to get this zine wrapped the way Satan himself intended!)

All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues // $4 // 68 pages + silkscreened covers

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